Saturday, April 23, 2011

Y is for Yonder

Yonder a place over there…

  • Yonder is useful in many ways. It allows a game master to drop hints of distant lands. It inspires the player characters to plot a journey to a new and rumored local. It opens a wider world of possibility for the players.
    A simple peasant from say Harken Hamlet would find the following yonder locations full of wonder.

  • Blister Crags - Treacherous and confusing rocky wasteland of hills haunted by bodiless undead their lure victims over cliffs.

  • Woods of Woe - A dark forest of vengeful mocking fey who love to trick and demean all others.

  • Hammer Mountains - Mountains ruled by the iron fist of dwarves prying gold and gems from the goblin plagued peaks.

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