Monday, September 1, 2014

Location Description Generator I

Roll 1d20 (3 times)
1.       Historical / Legendary
2.       Local customs
3.       Religious habits
4.       Natural Wonders
5.       Ruins
6.       Weird Facts
7.       Groups
8.       Military Conflict
9.       Magical Conflict
10.    Legendary Beast
11.    Monuments
12.    Magical properties
13.    Lost Stuff
14.    Local Products
15.    Rumors
16.    Reference / link to another site
17.    Persons of note
18.    Haunted
19.    Weather
20.    Structures Occupied

Example A: Rolls: 13,2,4
Title: Spear Tree
The town of Spear Tree was founded around  the infamous tree of the same name. It is told that barbarians use to test their courage by being tied to the tree and those which showed no sign of fear while spears where thrown at them would rule for one year. A revered spear called Treespear  was used in the contest and was kept in a hallow of the tree. It was stolen  50 years ago. The current chieftain has ruled all this time. The tree that harbored the spear quivers  and trembles and it is said that the sap can cause fear in men.

Example B: Rolls: 3,9,11
Title: The Pillar of Wespar
The pillar of was the site where the hermit Wespar lived for 10 years atop a pillar. Followers of the faith erect pillars every year and set atop them for a week in honor of the hermit. A group of cabalist wizards poses a worshipers at the event to exchange information and conduct business. They are slowly taking over the pilgrims and using them as unknowing pawns in their plans.

Example C: Rolls: 15,7,6
Title: Wooden Castle of Eurgam

This wooden castle is home to the noble family of Eurgam. The family sponsors a small knighthood called the Order of the Golden Gauntlet dedicated to protecting or more like guarding against the magical sites of the land. It is rumored that the knighthood is securing the sites for use by the knighthood only or more likely the noble family Eurgan.

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