Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Long ago in the primordial mist old rpg adventure modules use to include a glossary. This was a useful tool not only for vocabulary but for imparting the flavor and tone of the setting. So I plan to resurrect this as a feature on my blog.

"Arise! Glossary! Walk among the living! Arise!"


Austringer - A falconer.
Bodkin - A dagger, hair-pin, or ornament.
Codpiece - A bag-shaped flap on breeches covering the genitals. They tie with laces and are embroidered and padded.
Doxy - A begger's wench.
Eyas - A young hawk.
Fap - A very drunk person.
Gauntlet - Armour gloves to defend the hands.
Hackney - A common work or riding horse that was common and had no special training. Also sometimes called a rouncy.
Itinerant Judges - These judges moved about the countryside, carrying the power of the king's justice far beyond the king's immediate presence.
Jerkin - A jerkin is essentially the medieval form of a modern vest.
Kettle-hat - A domed helmet, made in three or more pieces, with a wide brow around the outside.
Labyrinth - A confusing maze, usually of tunnels underground.
March - A frontier territory often entrusted to a vice-regent with special military responsibilities. Laws appropriate to a mixed population and unsettled conditions prevailed in these areas. Marches could also be areas of land bordering two neighboring countries that both countries contest.

Notion - understanding, or the mind.
Obliged -pledged.
Pennon - Similar to a banner, but with the addition of a triangular point, charged with arms, and borne before knight bachelors. It is often flown from the tip of a lance.
Quatch - A word of unknown meaning. (It means what ever you want it to.)
Rag-tag - rabble
Sword Knot - A loop of leather thong or silk cord attached to the grip of the sword and slipped on the wrist.
Tofore - previously or prior to.

Umbrage - shadow
Vellium - A very strong cream-colored paper.
Wattle-and-Daub - A type of building (especially a peasant cottage) constructed of wattle and daub.
X - Ten or X marks the spot.
Yonker - A fine young man, novice, or greenhorn.
Zagbnal - A steel pike or beaked axe.

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