Saturday, May 8, 2010


A voyage on a Underdark sea. Seen via infra-vision.


I just finished Jack Vance's 'Dying Earth' series. The series was a bit rambling and dense at times. Although I really enjoyed the episodic Cugel stories. I now really get the whole 'Vancian Magic' concept. Memorizing complicated spells, intoning strange syllables and making odd gesturing. Then after the spell is used it is wiped from your memory. I also learned some cool spell naming schemes.

Here is a few spell names of my own design.

Fastidious Rending Lash
Doubtful Distracting Hiccup
Radiant Glow of Ennui
Resplendent Parting Gesture
Flippant False Feign
Tilting Perception of Time
Fragrant Urge of Embarrassment

I whole heartily recommend the series.

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