Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Parallel Worlds!

"A parallel world is often a hiding place for unpleasant things, and often the protagonist is forced to confront effects of this other world leaking into his own." - Wiki pedia author.

Ok like you when I hear parallel world I groan! But the can be fun and interesting too!

Parallel World Technique
This technique is used to spice up a game and add a bit of wonder and open the PC's eyes to alternate worlds just beyond their perceptions. The main reason to use this is to take and existing dungeon or region and use the old maps and info but change it so it is new and different. The PC's are in a well known area and they are transported to an alternate world. This can be by magical accidents like to magic items striking each other. A tear in the fabric of the veil of the universe. A magical doorway or mirror. Or just taking the wrong fork in a path. The result is the same. The PC's are in an alternate world where things are similar to their world but there are a few differences. The reason this is a useful tool is that it allows the DM to break the monotony of the setting. Also the PC's get a change of venue. With delicate handing this can be a useful tool to both surprise and challenge player. This technique is best used sparingly and with caution. Nothing ruins a game more then inconsistency.

1. It is best used in an existing game where the agreed upon nature of the setting is established.
2. Do not over use or it will irate the players.
3. Always provide an exit back to the normal world and make it attainable to the PC's.
4. Never let the PC's over use the means to travel between worlds. Limit it. Or the PC's will be hopping back and forth all the time. This will cause the DM lots of extra work.
5. Make the parallel world different but not so alien that the players are annoyed.
6. Be consistency. Things should be just about the same in the parallel world each time the PC's visit. Normal everyday things change but not the main flavor of the parallel world.
7. Have a good parallel hook. Make the parallel world interestingly different.
8. Make the experience rewarding and fun for the players.

Examples of Parallel Worlds.
A world where there are only talking animals and no humanoids.
A ruined dark world filled with undead.
A fey world filled with magic both wild and beguiling.
A frozen wasteland filled with rugged survivors and Arctic version of common monsters.
An very similar world where evil is good and good is evil.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Alchemical Emblems

Alchemical emblems were like guides to the alchemists of old. They can still inspire wonder. A cool tool to use as a spring board for the imagination.

An example using the top emblem: A talking stag discussing antler maintance with a unicorn. A polymorphed druid in a stags form seeking help from a wise unicorn.

An example using the bottom emblem: A group of gnombs in fish disguises planning to pirate a passing boat. A pair of magically summoned giant fish to block a pursuing boat.

How To … Make a Classic Dungeon.

1 sheet Notebook Paper
1 Piece of Grid Paper

Key Points
Take a few minutes to decide the location and type of dungeon. It does not have to be to involved.

Where is the dungeon. Is it on a mountain top, swamp, cave or other location.

What was the dungeon previously a prison, keep, monastery, or some other structure.

A theme is the dominant idea or flavor of the dungeon. Each room has a bit of the theme in it. Items and monsters, and NPC’s carry the theme through out. A few examples are : An evil undead haunted temple. A mushroom filled echoing cave. A salt encrusted wrecked pirate ship beached on the rocks.

Compass rose - This gives the directions of North, South, East and West.
Legend - This shows what the symbols on the map represent. It shows what the symbols for doors, bars, gates, secret doors, concealed door and furniture are.
Room Key - A room key gives a description of each rooms. Some rooms have non wandering monsters, non-random traps, and non-random treasure in them. Some rooms may be empty.

Wandering Monster Table - This random table provides a list of monster’s name and number encountered while traveling from room to room and outside the dungeon.
Monster Restock Table - This random table provides a list of monster’s name and number that repopulate the dungeon once the monsters on the wandering list are killed.
Trap Table - This random table provides a list of traps encountered in the dungeon.
Treasure Table - This random table provides a list of treasure found in the dungeon.
Rumor Table - This random table provides a list of rumors about the dungeon.

Bestiary - This lists the monsters and NPC’s in the dungeon and their stats and behavior. Some monsters may be armored, wield weapons and cast spells. Think about which monster fits best in the dungeon.
NPC - NPC means Non Playing Characters. A list of helpful NPC in the starting area.

The Step by Step Method
Step 1
Starting Location
A safe small settlement is usually the best way to start. This is where the PC’s learn about the dungeon. A farm village, tavern or inn is a good starting place. Name the starting location.

Step 2
A list of helpful NPC in the starting area. A few good NPC”S to populate the starting area are cleric, blacksmith, inn keep, and provision provider.

Step 3
Rumor Table
This random table provides a list of rumors the players have gotten fro the local people about the dungeon. They may be true or false. Note wither they are or not on the rumor table.

Step 4
Naming the Dungeon
This is an name given the dungeon by the local people who fear and dread it. The name may be completely unknown. The players should only learn of the name in play.

Step 5
Mapping the Dungeon
Draw the Dungeon Map on graph paper with pencil. After you are finished use a pen. You don’t have to use all the sheet. A few rooms varying in size connected be halls, stairs, ramps or ladders. Don’t forget to make at least on entrance. Include a few empty safe rest stop rooms so the PC’s can heal between encounters. Add a compass rose or arrow pointing north to the map.

Step 6
Number and Key the Rooms
Number each room starting at the entrance and going deeper with the dungeon. Make a room key on the blank note book paper listing all the numbers of each room. Don’t forget to leave space for descriptions and notes.

Step 7
Bestiary and Monster tables
On the sheet of note book paper write a Bestiary. Then wandering monster table. After that a restock table.

Step 8
Traps and Treasure Tables
On the sheet of note book paper write a Trap Table and then a Treasure Table.

Step 9
Check for Problems
Take a couple of minutes to see if there was something you forgot to add or something you wanted to change.

Step 10
You’re done!


The Hallow Hall

This module was designed based of the classic model. It is simple and straight forward. That being said it also allows the DM to fill in the blanks.

The Scope of the Module
The module is concerned with the village of Nook and to a greater extent The Hollow Hall. All other areas are left for the DM to flesh out.

DM’s Background.
Around 250 years ago the tyrant Tyrone the Terrible ruled the valley from his mountain side hall. He built and expanded the small hall he had captured from the former ruler. His wife Nivanna was more then a bit maddened by the horrors she witnessed her husband perform. This amused him and it was more to his twisted liking. The warlock Dreggal of the Red Tome tired of being in the tyrants service and was more tired of the insane cackling of Nivanna as well. He knew he could never be free for them while they lived. He crafted two matching golden crowns and then magically poisoned them with the spirits for those Tyrone vanquished. Dreggal presented them the reignments and crowned them both. They died is swoons of mad cackling. Dreggal took over the horde and the hall. Dreggal slowly slipped over the years into a lesser lichdom. The keep slowly fell to ruin. The Black Claw bugbear tribe found the hall and inhabited it. They are wise enough to avoid the more deadly areas. Now it is present day and The Hallow Hall is but a fireside tale in the village of Nook.

Player Background
You are passing through a rather remote area and in need of rest. By chance you stumble upon the village of Nook.

Village of Nook
This village is surrounded by woods. The nearby peaks loam overhead.

Old One Eye - Tavern/Inn - Clean and modestly priced.
The Merry Anvil - Blacksmith shop - Sturdy and expensive.
Bounty and Barter - Provisions - Variety of goods and expensive.
Temple of the Just - Temple - Spiritual and bodily aid. Offerings welcome.
The Sleepy Stallion - Stable - Well tended and modestly priced.
The Constabulary - jail - Well built and defended.

NPC’s List
Elsa the tavern keeper, Human female.
Sareen the blacksmith, Human female.
Dalt the provision provider, Halfling male.
Fadrick the cleric, Human male.
Karst the stable hand, Half-elf male.
Harwort Goldtooth the sheriff, Dwarven male.

Rumor Table
Roll 1d10
1.The tyrant Tyrone’s old hall is on the mountain side overlooking the valley. Tyrone and his of warriors of the rounded table ruled the area with an iron fist about 200 years ago. (True)
2.The place is haunted by the old tyrants mad queen Nivanna. On still nights you can hear her cackling. (True)
3.People call the place The Hallow Hall for a reason. It is an empty gutted shell of a hall with nothing but bat and rat poo. (False)
4.The old warlock Dreggal of the Red Tome still lives up their. He must be close to 300 years old and is said to look it. (True)
5.A hansom entranced one is said to sleep in Hallow Hall through the ages awaiting his true loves kiss. (False)
6.A tribe of flea bitten Bugbears live in the hall and it and they should best be avoided. (True)
7.The word ‘DYSCUM’ means friend in Bugbear. (False)
8.The old tyrant and his mad queen’s warlock murdered them with a set of poisoned crowns. (True)
9.The Hallow Hall is said to hold a hidden army waiting to be lead by the tyrants successor. (False)
10.The Hallow Hall rooms go deep into the mountain and into the under-deep below. (True)

The Hallow Hall
1.Porch - The porch is supported by pillars with carved snakes rapping around them. Monster: (3) Giant Wasp
2.Great Hall - This large hall is drafty and canopy of web float in the breeze. Monster: (2) Animated Full Plate Armor and (1) spider Treasure: Random
3.Throne Room - The open throne room has to dark wooden thrones in them set skeletons wearing crowns. Monster: (2) Cackling Skeletons Treasure: Two gold crowns worth 300 g.p. each.
4.Master Bedroom - The large bed room has a four post bed. Monster (1) Spirit Treasure: Silver Chamber Pot worth 20 g.p.
5.Setting Room - This dark wood paneled room has several couches.
6.Servants Quarters - This small room has bunk beds and footlockers.
7.Trophy Room - This secret room is filled vile trophies of war. Treasure: Magicians Hat - (cast one extra spell per day)
8.Council Chamber - This room car a large round table and chairs around it. Monster : (1) Bugaboo Trap: Anyone setting at the table must have sworn an oath to defend the hall. If not the victim must save vs. paralyzation. The effect last as long as the victim is setting at the table. Treasure: Random
9.Kitchen - This foul smelling room is a kitchen.
10.Pantry - This damp cold room appears to have been a pantry. There is a well as well. Monster: Water Weirdo
11.Shrine - A small domed shrine holds a statue of the god of tyranny and battle. Trap: Magical - Anyone gazing upon the statue must save verses spell or attack the next person they see armed with weapons. Treasure: Random
12.Servants Quarters - This room holds several dusty cots and footlockers. Monster: (3) Bugbears Weapon Maces (1) Bugbear chief (double hit points) Weapon: Mace and ring-mail armor Treasure: Random
13.Closet - This room is filled as would be a closet.
14.Dinning - This chamber has a round table with several chairs. Plates and tankards cover it. Monster: (3) Bugbears.
15.Guard Room - This room has a weapon rack and a table and two chairs. Monster: (2) Bugbears. Weapon Maces.
16.Vault - This room has a iron door. Inside are two chest and three sacks of treasure. Door: Locked Trap: Spikes 1d6 damage to all near door and resets. Monster: (1) Zombie Mimic Treasure: One chest has a Ring of Shadowy Form - Turn into a shadow once per day. Unable to attack or be attacked except by magic. Sack one has 700 c.p., 27 s.p., 32 e.p. 45 g.p. Sack two has 92 c.p., 24 e.p. 10 g.p. 2 p.p. Sack three has 3 gems worth 20 g.p. each.
17.Upper Barracks - This room is filled with bunk beds footlockers and weapon racks. A small table and four chairs are in the center. Monster: (4) Animated weapons. Treasure: 24 g.p. in footlocker. Silver tankard worth 30 g.p.
18.Armory - This room is filled with suites or various armor. Treasure: Shield of the Drake (+ 1 AC and immune to fire damage)
19.Torture Chamber - This reeking room is a horrid torture chamber. Monster: (5) Skeletons
20.Lower Barracks - This room is filled with bunk beds footlockers and weapon racks. A small table and four chairs are in the center. Monster: (2) Skeletal Berserkers Treasure: Random
21.Master-at-arms Room- This room appears to be a private bed room and has armor and a weapons rack. Treasure: Rope of Binding - On command binds one opponent. There is a 25% chance to break free.
22.Guard Room - This open room has a table and chair. A ring of keys is on the wall. A crank operates the portcullis and a switch board controls which cell opens. Monster : (2) Skeletal War-dogs Treasure: Random
23.Cell - This dismal cell has straw on the floor. Monster: (1) Elf
24.Cell - This dank cell has bones on the floor. Monster: (1) Bugbear
25.Cell - This dire cell has straw on the floor. Monster: (1) Elf
26.Cell - This dark cell has dead rats on the floor. Treasure: Random
27.Cell - This damp cell has straw on the floor. Treasure: Random
28.Wizard’s Room - This incense filed room has a bed and laboratory table. A large chest and a heavy wardrobe are in it as well. Monster: Skeletal Warlock Treasure: Wand of Frost - 1d6 (+ 1 damage per every 4 levels); Random Treasure.
29.Secret Study - This secret chamber has a skylight. Two shelves of books line the walls. A chair and desk set in the middle. Treasure: Clay of Animation - 10 pounds. Can be sculpted into one small sized monster or animal that is loyal to the sculptor. Spell book (5 spells of appropriate level and class)

Wandering Monster Table
Roll 1d12
3. Giant Rats
5.Menace Mushroom
6.Dire Slug
7.Red ooze
10.Skeletal War-dog
12.Roll twice, use both results.

Roll 1d6
1. Monster
2. Monster & Treasure
3-6. Empty (25% hidden treasure)

Random Treasure
Roll d% (percentiles)
01 -25 500 copper pieces/per level
26- 50 400 silver pieces/per level
51-65 300 electrum pieces/per level
66-80 200 gold pieces/per level
81-90 100 platinum pieces/per level
91-94 1d4 gems worth 25 g.p. each/per level
95-97 1 piece of jewelry 100 g.p /per level
98-00 Magic (roll once on magic table)

Random Magic Treasure Table
Roll 1d12
1.Potion of Healing
2.Potion of Cold Resistance
3.Potion of Speed
4.Potion of Levitation
5.Scroll of Spell (appropriate level and class)
6.Scroll of Spell (appropriate level and class)
7.Dagger 1d4 (+ 1 damage per every 4 levels)
8.Short Sword (+ 1 damage per every 4 levels)
9.Mace (+ 1 damage per every 4 levels)
10.Bracers of Armor (+ 1 AC per every 4 levels)
11.Leather Armor (+ 1 AC per every 4 levels)
12.Roll twice, use both results. Ignore duplications.

Animated Full Plate Armor - AC 0; Mv 12”; HD 3; hp 24; #attack 1; damage 1d4 slam, Awl Pike 1d6; intelligence non; Size m; Special Defense - If reduced to half hp it falls apart. They reform with in 1d10+1 rounds. The hp regenerate to full when they reform. If parts are missing they do not regain hps.

Animated Weapons - AC 0; Mv 12” fly; HD 1; hp 8; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence non; Size s. These ordinary weapons have been enchanted to fly and attack intruders.

Bugaboo - AC 0 ; Mv 12”/12“ fly; HD 2 ; hp 16; #attack 1 ; damage nil; intelligence non ;al N ; Size m; Special Attack: Spooky Sounds - 20foot radius -Save vs. Spell of fall into fit of trembling and fright. The victim is at a -1 to AC, Damage, Saving throws. The affect lasts 1d6+1 rounds.
Special Defense: +1 or better to hit. Turned as a Ghoul.

Bugbear - AC 5 ; Mv 12”; HD 3+1; hp 25; #attack 1; damage 2-8 or by weapon; intelligence average; al: CE; Size L.

Bats - - AC 2; Mv 24”fly; HD 1/8; hp 1; #attack 1; damage 1 bite; intelligence animal; al N; Size s.

Cackling Skeletons - AC 6; Mv 12”; HD 2; hp 16; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence low; al CE; Size m; Special Attack: Cackling - Save vs. Spell or fall into fits of cackling for 1d10+1 rounds. Victims are at a -4 to hit, damage, and all saves for the duration. Spell casting is impossible while under the affect. Special Defense: Turned as a Zombie.

Dire Slug - AC 8; Mv 12”/12“ climb; HD 1; hp 8; #attack 1; damage 1-4; intelligence semi; al N Size S; Special Attack: Corrosive spit - 6 foot range and 50% change to hit target. This small slug is a sneak foe. It crawls on ceiling, floors and walls.

Elf - 10 AC ; Mv 12”; HD 1+1; hp 9; #attack 1; damage by weapon or 1d10 ; intelligence high; al CG; Size m. These elves are wood elves and have normal elf abilities.

Giant Rats - - AC 7; Mv 12”/6“ climb; HD 1/2; hp 4; #attack 1; damage 1-3; intelligence animal; Al N(e) Size s; Special Attack: Disease bite - 5%. Victim must save vs. poison or lose 1d4+1 hp and have a -1 to hit, AC, damage, and saves. The disease ends in 1d6 weeks. A cure disease spell ends the affect.

Giant Wasp - AC 4; Mv 6”/ 21“ fly; HD 1; hp 8; #attack 2; damage 1d4 sting/1d6 bite; intelligence animal; aL N; Size m; Special Attack -Poison - Svae vs. posion or become paralyzed permanently. Death will occur if untreated in 2-5 days. Neutralize poison spell or antidote.

Gremlin - AC 6; Mv 12”; HD 1+1; hp 9; #attack 1; damage 1d4 bite; intelligence average; al CE; Size s; Special Attack: Chaotic Aura - 30foot radius. All victims in the area must save vs. spell or act randomly for 1d6+1 rounds. Random action table: 1d6: 1. Take off all equipment and cloths. 2. Wander off. 3. Fight nearest creature. 4. Defend nearest creature.5. Sing and dance. 6. Give treasure away.

Menace Mushroom - AC 7; Mv 6”; HD 2; hp 16; #attack 1; damage 1-4; intelligence non; al N; Size M; Special Attack - Explode- After taking half of it’s hp in damage it explodes releasing a cloud of spores. The explosion does 1-6 damage to all with in a 30 foot radius. Special Defense: 25% move silently. These creatures appear as humanoid shaped mushroom.

Red ooze - AC 8; Mv 12”; HD 2+2; hp 18; #attack 1; damage 2-12; intelligence animal; Al N; Size M; Special Attack - Acid - 2-12 damage. This red colored ooze dissolves organic matter on contact.

Skeleton - AC 7; Mv 12”; HD 1 ; hp 8; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence non; al N; Size m; This skeleton patrol the hall and attack intruders.

Skeletal Berserker - AC 6; Mv 12”; HD 2; hp 16; #attack 2; damage 1-8; intelligence low; al CN; Size m; Special Attack: Rage - They have a +1 to hit. They fight all targets until they are dead focusing on one then the next. Special Defense: Turned as a zombie.

Skeletal War-dog - AC 6; Mv 12”; HD 2+2 ; hp 18; #attack 1; damage 2-8; intelligence non; al N; Size m. Special Defense: Turned as a zombie. This large skeletal dogs hunt and case down foes.

Skeletal Warlock - AC 4; Mv 12”; HD 3; hp 24; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence average; al NE; Size m; Special Attack: This lesser lich is able to cast a few magic user spells. (5) 1st level, (3) 2nd level, (2) 3rd level, (1) 4th level. Special Defense: +1 or better to hit. Turned as a ghoul. Aura of Scariness 20foot radius -Save vs. Spell of fall into fit of trembling and fright. The victim is at a -1 to AC, Damage, Saving throws. The effect lasts for 2-12 rounds. The monsters phylactery must be destroyed or it will reform in 1 day.

Spider - AC 8 ; Mv 12”; HD 1+1; hp 9; #attack 1; damage 1; intelligence non; al N; Size ; Special- Poison Bite - Save vs. poison at +2 or suffer 1d4 damage.

Spirit - AC 0 ; Mv 12”/12“ fly; HD 2 ; hp 16; #attack 1 ; damage 1-4 ; intelligence low ;al CE; Size m; Special Attack chilling touch 1-4 damage. Special Defense: +1 or better to hit. Turned as a Ghoul. The spirits float about performing action as if they are alive and if interrupted will attack.

Water Weirdo - AC 4; Mv 12”; HD 1; hp 8; #attack 2; damage nil; intelligence average; Size L (10 feet long); Special Attack: Drowning - save vs. breath weapon or drown in 1-4 rounds. Special Defense: sharp weapons do only 1 damage and blunt do normal damage. If broken apart reforms in 1-2 rounds. This elemental creature enjoys drowning foes.

Zombie Mimic - AC 8; Mv 6”; HD 3; hp 24; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence non; al N; Size L; Special Attack: Diseased Puss - Each hit inflicts a rotting disease on the victim. It will be fatal in 1-2 months. The victim loses 2 points charisma each week until dead. Special Defenses: Camouflage - It appears as a rotten and moldy piece of furniture. Turned as a ghoul.

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World Creation!

So I have been once again laboring to create a fantasy RPG setting. I have attempted this several times with varying degrees of success. This time I think I have balance. I have started from the bottom up approach due to lack of time. I have focused on one geographic region. I have made a skeletal frame work to hang adventures on. The adventures and the players actions will flesh it out. Of course I have tried to make it some what generic to be more palatable to new players. Although I have added a bit of flare with the names conventions and what they evoke. At this time I am still working on it. I still don't know if I'm going to keep it system free or tie it to another game system. I will refrain from publishing but will provide some concepts from time to time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Roman festival of Fornacalia the oven Goddess

So today is February 17th the Roman festival of Fornacalia the oven Goddess. It is a festival of bread and ovens. To commemorate this day I have written a brief generic side adventure. I will include guidelines for generating stats for monster and foes.

A Bakers Dozen
By Friar Deep

Set up
Location: Any town
Date: February 17th or your games equivalent

Bombastus the baker and his wife Malitiria have operated the towns only bakery. The Laughing Loaf is known through out the province for the quality of it baked goods. A last years heat-wave reduced the amount of flour produced and the bakery has started to run out.
To top this off the local tax collector Horvicus a patron and friend pasted away. He was replaced by Faladorri. Faladorri has increased the taxes on local merchants and singled out Bombastus due to Faladorri coveting Malitiria. He hopes to drive Bombastus out of business and then poison him like he did the former tax collector.
Bombastus hired Truvius as his apprentice and has taught him the ancient art of baking from the Book of Baking. Bombastus told young Truvius about the Fornacalia the oven Goddess and about her devotions.
The flour shortage greatly diminished the bakeries profits but still the Faladorri charged the same tax. Complaints to the distant lord of the province go unheard. Truvius decided to save his master and the bakery. He secreted the Book of Baking from Bombastus and hatched a plan. He will beseech the Goddess to provide sacred flour so that the baker could survive. The Goddess was touched by this and Truvius discovered a ever-full bag of flour when he awoke the next morning.
Truvius in his excitement decided to use one of the rare recipes from the Book of Baking. He then rashly baked a batch ginger bread men golems and sent them to subdue the Faladorri. Unfortunately for Truvius he substituted ginger for another root he got from a herbalist. So the gingerbread men rebelled.

A Prostrate Tax Collector
The P.C.’s are traveling to town to get provisions. They see a man crawling on the ground with burns on him. He appears to be the new tax collector. Six gingerbread men attacking him. Their touch burning the poor man. If the P.C.’s save the tax collector he immediately accuses the Baker Bombastus of witchcraft and offers a reward for his capture of 30 gold. Faladorri in the fight dropped a note concerning his poisoning of the former tax collector Horvicus. The P.C.’s may find in the road a note detailing the cost of certain poisons and a list of the number of doses. Its up to the P.C.’s to put it together.

Can’t Catch the Gingerbread Man
The P.C.’s are in town and they see a small gingerbread man running down the street. Following it leads them to new tax collector who is being attacked by them. If the P.C.’s save the tax collector he immediately accuses the Baker Bombastus of witch craft and offers a reward for his capture of 30 gold each.

Ride em Gingerbread Man
The P.C.’s are in town and they see a terrified chicken being ridden by a Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread man takes them on a wild goose chase but leads them to his fellow with the tax collector.

The Adventure
The Laughing Loaf Bakery
The P.C.’s arrive at the bakery and find Malitiria on top of the cupboard screaming as two gingerbread men throwing crockery at her. Bombastus is doing battle with three other ginger bread men with a rolling pin. Truvius is be shoved into a oven by two other ginger bread men. The P.C.’s have to save the victims.

(2) Gingerbread Men (Crockery Throwing)
Throw crockery at the P.C.’s.
(3) Gingerbread Men (Knife Wielding)
Attack the P.C.’s with knives.
(2) Gingerbread Men (Bread Paddle Wielding)
Attack the P.C.’s with bread paddle.

If the P.C.’s dispatch the Gingerbread Men and capture Bombastus the tax collector Faladorri rewards them with 30 gold each. Poor Bombastus will be burnt at the sake for witchcraft. Faladorri is very happy and will now pursue the poor soon to be widowed Malitiria.

If the P.C.’s dispatch the Gingerbread Men and refuse to turn Bombastus over to tax collector Faladorri. After all Faladorri is not the sheriff. The P.C.’s will incur the wrath of Faladorri.

If the P.C.’s confront Faladorri about his poison note denies it. If the sheriff Valturvis is summon he will try place Faladorri under arrest for suspicion of murder. Sheriff Valturvis dismiss the charges of witch craft since he did not see the Gingerbread Men and he is opposed to burning people at the stake and especially the baker his wife’s brother.

If the P.C.’s question Truvius they learn the truth that his was misguided and rashly used baking magic with out understanding its danger. Good intention do not always bring good results. Bombastus and his wife easily for give Truvius after they discover that the Goddess Fornacalia gifted the bakery with the ever-full flour sack. The bakery is saved for now but Faladorri is now the bakers and now the P.C’s enemy.

Gingerbread Men (13)
Size: 1 foot tall.
Armor: Medium (due to flexibility)
Damage: Medium (due to being hot cookies)
Health: Medium (due to being Golems)

Human, Baker
Size: Rotund
Armor: Low
Damage: Low
Health: Low

Human, Baker’s apprentice
Size: Short
Armor: Low
Damage: Low
Health: Low

Human, Good wife
Size: Rotund
Armor: Low
Damage: Low
Health: Low

Human, Tax collector
Size: Tall
Armor: Low
Damage: Low (dagger and poison)
Health: Low

5 Room Dungeons

Here is my recommendation for the very cool and simple dungeon format. The really outstanding web site was the birthplace of the dungeon format. The author of this really useful tool is Mr. Johnn Four.

So here is the "5 Room Dungeons" format in brief. For a more lengthy discription on the format as well as premade "5 Room Dungeons" please go to .

Room One: Entrance And Guardian

Room Two: Puzzle Or Roleplaying Challenge

Room Three: Trick or Setback

Room Four: Climax, Big Battle or Conflict

Room Five: Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist

Here is Friar Deep's "5 Room Dungeons"
Beyond the Skull Portal

Room One: Entrance and Guardian
A large stone fa├žade in the shape of a skull with iron door in the mouth. Two black iron clockwork crows set in the eye sockets. They squawk a riddle one at a time. Each crow’s riddle must be answered for the door to be opened.
Riddle 1 “I'm the part of the bird that's not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry. What am I?” -A shadow.

Room Two: Puzzle or Role-playing Challenge
This hexagonal room has a pile of bones in it. A spirit appears and starts to chit chat with the P.C.’s. If it is attacked then it defends itself. If not threatened it talks about the weather and everyone’s health. It is basically harmless. In the course on idle talk it mentions that it is befell a trap long ago and wish the P.C.’s to recover its bones and give it a decent burial. It tells them that it befell a trap and it was in this room. If asked the nature of the trap it says it was swift and painful. It points out its bones. There is no indication what befell it. The spirit is actually lying. The bones are of its last victim. Each round that the P.C.’s talk to it the are loosing both constitution until they are dead. If the P.C.’s take the bones then the spirit fades from view. It really lurks unseen still draining the P.C.’s constitution. Only a successful search of the room reveals a corked tin flask. The flask is labeled ‘Sprits’. If the flask is uncorked then the spirit will be drawn into. It will be unable to harm the P.C’s. The spirit in the flask will plead to be freed and promise to be good. It is lying.

Room Three: Trick or Setback
This room has a fountain and in the basin is a golden cherub. Close inspection reveals that the cherub once was the centerpiece of the fountain.
If the cherub is removed from the water a round later it animates as a gold golem-like imp and attacks. If killed then the wounds revealed that it is hollow. There are a number of gold rings matching the number of the party. If the P.C.’s put on the rings they teleport to the next room in the dungeon. After that the rings are normal rings.
If the imp is placed upon the fountain centerpiece then the water will recedes from the fountain for one round and a trapdoor will be revealed leading to the entrance of the dungeon.

Room Four: Climax, Big Battle, or Conflict
The Wizard Gortho stands before you beside him stand two tall armored warriors. A maiden is bound and hangs from the ceiling above a magic circle. A blank looking man cranks a wench and the maiden is lowered into the circle. “Fools you shall not hinder my summoning of a fiend. You will soon see the fate which will befall you, when Lady Marla is devoured. HA HA HA!“ Then Gortho casts a protection shield spell and turns and chants. The tall armored warriors attack. The two tall warriors are in fact animated suits of armor. The man cranking the wench is Lady Marla’s faithful retainer Rilf now a juju zombie. Gortho takes four rounds to summon the fiend. The fiend will wait 2 round examining Lady Gortho then devour her. During that next 2 rounds Gortho will bind the fiend. If interrupted the fiend be unbound and if the circle is broken will attack Gortho and take him against his will to a fiendish plane. So the P.C.’s must stop Rilf using the winch and winch Lady Marla up. Defeat the animated armor. Stop Gortho’s summoning and or binding. If saved Lady Marla makes them Knights of the Golden Garter and gives them the spoils of Gortho’s defeat. The treasure is magic items. Roll randomly.

Room Five: Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist
A large chest locked and chained is in the center on the room. The chest is locked and trapped. Within the chest is another chest likewise locked and trapped. Within this another smaller chest likewise locked and trapped. Within this another smaller chest likewise locked and trapped. Within this a golden egg with a wend-up key in it. It wound the egg hatches and a gold song bird appears. It sings a song which gives the P.C.’s a permanent +1 bonus on all saving throws. This works only once and the bird becomes a plain music box like golden bird.

The Adventure is in the Cards

By Friar Deep

This adventure generator uses both the player input and the Game Master‘s judgment to create an adventure. This method is best used with players who are creative. It is designed to allow the players to determine their own adventure or campaign.

STEP 1 : So just get a stack of index cards and write on the blank side the card’s category.

STEP 2 : Have a equal number of cards per category for each player. For example you have 5 players so there would be 5 card titled “Beginnings”, “Events”, “Monsters” etc.

STEP 3 : Deal out a card from each category to every player. So the players will have one card of each category.

STEP 4 : Have them fill out the card.

STEP 5 : Shuffle the cards keeping them separated into each category.

STEP 6 : Have the players each pick a random card from the piles.

STEP 7 : Collect the cards from each player. Write on the back of the cards “Adventure #1”, “Adventure #2”, “Adventure #3” etc. for each collection of cards.

STEP 8 : After the process is complete the game master will have to create a coherent game or several games from the info on the cards. Therefore the method does not give a instant adventure or campaign.

Index cards
Divider cards
Game Master



(Part 1)
Locations I
Events I
Villains I
Monsters I

(Part 2)
Location II
Event II
Villains II
Monster II

(Part 3)
Location III
Event III
Villains III
Monster III


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Axomama Fries

6 medium potatoes
Canola, peanut or vegetable oil
Salt to taste

Cauldron, pan, deep fryer

Peel potatoes.
Cut each in 3/4-inch slices.
Carve into the shape of heathen potato goddess.
Place in a bowl of ice water to soak for 30 minutes. (Soaking removes starch, so that potatoes will be crisp when deep fried.)
Heat oil to 325*F (160*C) in deep fryer.
Drain heathen potato goddesses and pat dry thoroughly using paper towels. Any excess water will splatter when they are added to the hot oil.
Dip frying basket in oil (this prevents the heathen potato goddesses from sticking to it), then add a handful of potatoes into basket.
Lower into oil and par-fry for 3 minutes or until potatoes are tender, but not browned. Lift basket and allow heathen potato goddesses to drain.
Turn out onto a brown paper bag lined with paper towels.
Repeat procedure with remaining potatoes.
Increase the temperature of the heated oil to 375*F (190*C).
Return the par-fried heathen potato goddesses to the oil in batches and cook a second time for 4 minutes until golden and crispy.
Drain on a fresh brown paper bag lined with paper towels.
Salt to taste and serve hot.
Makes 6 servings.

a.k.a. Lady of Potatoes
The Goddess of the Potato

Her name means "Potato Mother." Potatoes have been the staple food of the peoples of the Andes since ancient days; they come in a wide variety.


Slygoon Bone Scrather
*defaulted to 3rd ed
male human Ftr4
CR 4; Size M (5 ft., 9 in. tall); HD 4d10+4; hp 40; Init +4 (+4 Improved initiative); Spd 30 ft.; AC 10 (+1 helmet+4chain shirt); Attack +7 melee, or +4 ranged; SV Fort +5, Ref +1, Will -1; AL LN; Str 16, Dex 11, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 7, Cha 8.
Armor: +1 helmet; +4 chain shirt
Weapons: Longsword 1d8, crit 19-20/x2; heavy crossbow 1d10, crit19-20/x2
Languages Spoken: Common.Skill points: Ftr 21Skills and feats: Craft +6, Handle animal +5, Hide +2, Jump +5, Listen +0, Move silently +0, Spot +0, Swim +8; Alertness, Improved initiative, Point blank shot, Power attack, Weapon focus (heavy crossbow), weapon focus (longsword).Possessions: 3,300 gp in gear.
Slygoon is a sell-sword.

History: Slygoon Bone Scratcher is shifty and nervous sell-sword. He got his nick name by his constant scratching. He is unfortunately is the favored enemy of the common wood loose. He likes the nick name due to his claim that his so called magic sword is called 'Bone Scrathcer'. He is currently in the North working for all manner of despots and mad mages. He has a talent for skipping out on his employers when their end is near.

Beasts! (Clockwork Beasts!)

Clockwork Creature (Template)
*Note - Defaulted to 3rd ed.

The clockwork creature is a construct made of gears, wires and springs. It is main composed of metal but other materials can be used as well. It is constructed to appear and act as the base creature it was modeled after. They may be crafted from rare materials such as gems and precious metals.

Creating a Clockwork Creature
The Clockwork is a template that can be added to any creature except elemental, ooze and undead (referred to hereafter as the "base creature").
Hit Dice: Changed the Hit Dice from that of the base creature to 10-sided Hit Dice. Because its body is a mass of unliving matter, a construct is hard to destroy. It gains bonus hit points based on size: Fine (0), Diminutive (0), Tiny (0), Small (10), Medium (20), Large (30), Huge (40), Gargantuan (60), Colossal (80).
Speed: As the base creature. They retain all modes of movement as the base creature.
AC: Natural armor changes to a number based on the clockworks creature’s size: Tiny: 1, Small: 3, Medium: 6, Large: 9, Huge: 12, Gargantuan: 15, Colossal: 18
Special Attacks: The clockwork creatures loses all special attacks once possessed by the base creature.

Alarm (Ex): The clockwork creature can be set to issue a loud ringing sound when it is roused from passive mode. This functions as the Alarm spell cast at 10th level wizard. The audible alarm is centered on the clockwork creature. The audible alarm lasts for 1d8 rounds. The audible alarm is so loud spell casters must make a concentration check DC 20 to cast a spell. Failure means that the noise prevented them from being able to cast the spell and it was botched. If there is a wind-up key then the key holder may get a mental alarm as per the spell.
Cacophony (Ex): Clockwork creatures of Medium size or greater can generate a dreadful cacophony. First or second round of combat- the sound of a loud bell rings. It fills a area of 30 ft. cone directly in front of the clockwork creature and is instantaneous, and can be used as a free action every 1d4+1 rounds. The victim takes 1d8 points of sonic damage and must make a will save DC 15 to avoid being stunned for one round. A stunned victim can’t act and loses any dexterity bonus to AC. Attackers gain a +2 bonuses to attack it.
Special Qualities: Construct, magic immunity.

Self-winding (Ex): About 50% of clockwork creatures have the ability to wind-up themselves and does not need an out side agent to do this. They can stay in active mode indefinably. They will follow the last orders that where given them by their creator. If their creator orders the clockwork to follow another’s orders then the clockwork creature will follow the new masters orders until ordered otherwise by the new master.

Wind-up (EX): About 50% of clockwork creatures are wound with a key and don’t have the ability to self-wind. Commonly they are found wound and will become active upon command of the key holder or if conditions meet the instructions given to them. Until activated they remain motionless in passive mode. They stay wound for 1d20 rounds + 1 round per hit die while in active mode. If wound down the become motionless. The user of the control key allows the user to issue simple commands to the clockwork creature. The clock work creature will only follow the orders of the key holders.

Tick-tock (Ex): The clockwork creature make a audible ticking noise. They are at a -5 to all move silently check due to this.

Rust Vulnerability (Ex): A clockwork creature is affected normally by rust attacks, such as that of a rust monster or a rusting grasp spell.
Saves: Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects, or is harmless).

Abilities: The new clockwork's Strength increases by +2, it has no Constitution or Intelligence score, its Wisdom changes to 11, and its Charisma decreases to 1.
Skills: The clockwork creatures loses all skills once possessed by the base creature.
Feats: The clockwork creatures loses all feats once possessed by the base creature.
Climate/Terrain: Any land and underground except cold.
Organization: Solitary or Gang (2-4)
Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +1.
Treasure: None.
Alignment: Always neutral

Sample Clockwork Creature
Key-Wound Clockwork Chimera
Large Construct
HD 9d10+30 (hp 75)
Init +1 (Dex)
Spd 30 ft., fly 50 ft.(poor)
AC 20 (+1 dex., -1 size, +9 natural), touch 19, flat-footed 19;
Attacks: Bite + 12 melee, bite +10, butt + 10 melee, 2 claws +10 melee
Damage: Bite 2d6+5, bite 1d8+5, butt 1d8+5, claws 1d6+5
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 10 ft./5 ft;
SA: As per clockwork creature template.
SQ: As per clockwork creature template.
SV: Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +3
Str 21, Dex 13, Con -, Int -, Wis 10, Cha 1
Skills: nil.
Feats: Multiattack
Climate/Terrain: Any land and underground except cold
Organization: Solitary or Gang (2-4)
Challenge Rating: 8
Treasure: None.
Alignment: Neutral
Advancement: Same as the base creature.
Note: This clockwork chimera is will stay wound for 18 rounds. It still has its key on it’s back.


Birds of Aeustras
*default to 3rd ed.

Awakened, Tiny Animal
Hit Dice: 3d8(12 h.p.)
Initiative: +6 (+2 dex,+4 improved initiative)
Speed: 10ft,fly 40ft(average)
AC: 14(+2 size, +2dex, +0 natural)
Attacks: Beak +2 melee (base attack bonus +2, +2 weapon finesse beak )
Damage: Beak 1d3-4
Face: 2 1/2ft X 2ft ½ / 0 ft
Special Attacks: -
Special Qualities: Low-light vision
Saves: Fort:1 (+0) Will:4 (+4) Ref:5 (+2)
Abilities: Str:3 (-4) Dex:15 (+2) Con:10 (+0) Int:18 (+4) Wis:14 (+2) Chr:14 (+2)
Skills: Bluff +3 (1 rank, +2 cha), Gather info +3 (1 rank, +2 cha), Innuendo +3 (1 rank, +2 wis), Listen +6 (4 rank, +2 wis), Sense motive +3 (1 rank, +2 wis), Spot +6 (4 rank, +2 wis), Know (all skills) +6 (2 rank, +4 int), Search +5 (1 rank, +4 int)
Feats: weapon finesse (Beak), improved intuitive (+4)
Climate: any forest, hill, plains, and mountains
Organization: Solitary, pair(2), Covey (3-5), Nest (5-20)
CR: 2
Treasure: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Advancement: -

The Birds of Aeustras are intelligent talking medium-sized mostly insectivorous or omnivorous birds. The male is usually red, and the females are either similar to the male or dark red. Are about 2 feet long and have wingspans about 4 feet. They normally that inhabit temperate and cold forests of the North.
They have brighter red patches found on the shoulders and sometimes the head. Their glossy feathers reflect strongly in daylight. The plumage is peppered with small dark spots. Their beaks and claws are dark red to almost black.
The Birds of Aeustras where once common thrush like birds. Through the druidic magic of the treant Aeustras he awakened their intelligence and new purpose. They once serve as the treants eyes and ears. After the treant Aeustras was slain they often adopt a new patron and gather info for them or just gossip with any one that happens to pass by. They do this out of a need for a greater purpose. Once in their life they migrate to the fallen treant Aeustras’s body to pay homage.
The Birds of Aeustras use their long sharp beak to peck at foes. If one is wounded they others swarm in and attack in force.
They speak Common and Sylvan.

Friar Deep's RPG Reviews

Broadsword RPG
by Deep7 / 1PG

Price: Very Affordable!
Format: PDF (no printed version)
Value: Great Value for Money!
Content: Quick and Clean!

I greatly enjoyed the simple and elegantly simple game system. The focus is on play as opposed to complicated game mechanics and rules. No one is going to get bogged down in arguing over movement or who grappled whom. Also it is simple enough that user created content can be done in a matter of minutes. The only thing lacking is a how to section for the Game Master. But with luck and good judgment that can be over came. I ran a 3 night campaign and had loads of fun. The players seemed relieved at how easy it was to pick up and use.


Home Brewed Encounter Tables for Tegal Manor

Tegal Manor Encounter Tables
*Note - Defaulted to 2nd ed

On the Grounds of Tegal Manor
1. Straw dummies wearing cloths and wooden weapons similar to the P.C.’s party.
2. Statue of a cherub peeing into a bird bath.
3. Very large animal bones. Possibly a dire animal.
4. Rotten wooden potting shed.
5. Gazing ball that has horrible reflections of the viewer in pain and terror.
6. A hand cart with a pile of 37 dead mandrake roots in it. Each shows hoe marks.
7. Dead patch of sod in the shape of a human , animal, or monster.
8. Ruined gypsy wagon. Has a crystal ball in it and a skeletal gypsy woman.
9. Small pond with skeletal coy swimming in it. 100 gp is at the bottom in the mud.
10. Sundial on a pedestal. It casts no shadow. It points south. If turned north stairs form in the ground and lead downward to a random room on the lower dungeon level.
11. Dense undergrowth or zombie treant.
12. Ships anchor
13. Lawn Gnomb Ornament (petrified gnomb)
14. Ruins of a picnic basket and two bear skeletons.
15. Random monster tracks or biting insects.
16. Tar pool & dead animals stuck in it.
17. Rain barrel next to gutter pipe.
18. Cloths line and rotten linen.
19. Wild wolvesbane and garlic
20. Fallen stones shaped like tormented faces.

In the attic of Tegal Manor
1. Chest full of brightly colored feathers and a bucket of hardened tar.
2. A complete T-rex skeleton articulated which animates.
3. Medium sized mummified frog has 10 gems worth 80 gold in it.
4. A window which is cloaked in illusions to appear as plain roof.
5. An entrance is conceal to appear as normal wall.
6. Giant white snake skin.
7. Empty medium size cage with set of keys to it.
8. Skylight with stained glass.
9. Door to the roof that is conceal by shingles on the outside.
10. Broken furniture moaning in sadness.
11. Fishing trophy of a mermaid. Has a red coral necklace worth 240 gp.
12. Trap door to room below.
13. Dust cloud obscures vision.
14. Stone with ruins on it teleports the P.C.s to a random area out doors.
15. 12 Stuffed reindeer and a stuffed clown in a red suit in a sled.
16. Boxes, crates, barrels full of ruined items.
17. Weak floor fall into room below.
18. Fireplace and chimney connects to others in the manor.
19. Nik-naks
20. Giant ball of twine

In the halls of Tegal Manor
1. Shoe with a bloody foot in it.
2. Mop and bucket and broom and dust pan.
3. Standing pool of: Blood, water, grease, oil, acid.
4. Fog patch or incenses patch
5. Strong wind blowing. Half movement toward the wind. Double movement away from it.
6. Cobweb filled. Half movement.
7. Trip wire. 1d2 falling damage.
8. Invisible bear trap 1d6 damage.
9. Pouch of coins. 120 copper, 76 silver, 93 gold.
10. Small wooden maids cart.
11. Graffiti carved into the wood. “Karg Weasel Fang was here!”
12. 30 loose black pearls worth 300 gp.
13. Trap door to room below.
14. Broken and shattered weapons.
15. Lantern with oil.
16. Trap door in ceiling.
17. Rug with pattern that disorients the viewer for 1d20 rounds.
18. Fencing sword having a dual then suddenly mount themselves to their brackets on the wall.
19. Stuffed animal head watches the P.C.s
20. Stains, foot print, animal and monster tracks.

In the closets of Tegal Manor
1. Once fine dress now rags
2. Old worn out and chewed on boots.
3. 20 exotic and different hats
4. Bear, wolf, seal fur coat. Turns wearer into an animal when worn. When removed the wear returns to normal.
5. A pair of dead giant moths arranged as if having a tea party.
6. A 4 foot tall powdered blue wig with a naval ship in it.
7. Rotten linen and a medium size live moth eating them.
8. A demon holding a pink ladies’ parasol that looks embarrassed and disappears in a puff of brimstone.
9. A one way teleport chamber to another closet.
10. A large reptile egg paint with a dragon on it.
11. Animated shoe polishing brush and rags cleaning boots.
12. Rich looking doll clothing
13. Trap door in ceiling.
14. Trap door in floor.
15. Secret door to adjacent room.
16. A medium sized wicker man with burnt brownies in it.
17. Filled with bones that spill out.
18. A standing mirror with a dust cloth on it. The mirror is cracked but reflects the P.C.s misshapen horrors.
19. A four medium sized dead beetles with musical instruments.
20. A bucket of rancid lard.

Random Rooms
1. Spike Room - This room has floor spikes sticking up out of the floor. It appears to be s set off trap. A skeleton in armor and equipment is impaled on them.
Trap - The spikes are electrified.
Trigger: Touching the spikes
Damage 1d6 per round of contact.
Disable: A hidden panel with two levers. The fist turns off the current and the other lovers the spikes and set the trap.
2. Bust Room - The room has 5 busts on pedestals arranged in a pentacle facing inward. Strange red beams come from their eyes meeting in the center of the pentacle. If the gaze of the Busts are interrupted then a demon appears in the center. Any low level one will do. Returning the bust to the original position banishes the fiend.
3. Attic Access Room - A stone stair case leads upward to the ceiling. A bared and banded wooden trap door is in the ceiling. It has a large pad lock. The key is on the floor in a corner of the room. It appears to be covered in old dry blood. This trap door lead to the attic.
4. Giant Skull Room - A giant’s skull is in the middle of the floor when the party enters. It has two large rubies for eyes. When the party enters it hovers off the floor and faces the party. It below “What is your will my master?” If the party answers at all roll on the following table. Roll 1d6 - 1. Explodes doing 1d8 damage to all in the room. 2. It hover to the floor and deactivates. 3. It laughs at what ever the party says. 4. It says “By your command!” Nothing happens. 5. It screams for 1d20 rounds. It can be heard in the entire wing of the manor. 6. It performs one wish and then shatters.
Note: The gems are red glass.
5. Model Room - This room is very dusty. On a bow legged table sets a model on Tegal Manor.
Trap: A teleported trap. After 1 round in the room the teleport trap begins. On the 1st round a slight breeze is felt. On the 2nd round the air is heavy with moisture. On the 3rd round the victims have a sinking feeling. On the 4th round the victims vision blurs. On the 5th round the illumination changes. On the 6th round the victims have vertigo. The victims are 300 feet above Tegal manor standing on an invisible wall of force 30X30 feet. The manor appears to be in the same scale as the model. The victims have be creative to get down.
Trigger: Entering the room.
Damage: Nil. Possible falling damage.
Disable: Exit the room before the 6th round.
6. Room With a View - A four large paints cover the walls. Each is of a local landscape. Painting 1. Lighthouse and seascape. Victim is teleported to rocky island in (Hex 5004) and faces south east . Painting 2. Pastoral and temple on a hill. Victim is teleported to field in (Hex 1503) and faces south east. Painting 3. A field with a village in the distance. Victim is teleported to monastery tower roof in (Hex 1531) and faces north west. 4. Victim is teleported to a wood land over looking a fetid swamp on (Hex 2908) and faces south.
Trap: The paints are landscapes of the region around tegal manor.
Trigger: The teleport a viewer to the location after viewing it for 2 rounds.
Disable: Turn the paints around and dint look at them.
7. Disappointment Room - A large iron cage fills up the center of this room. The cage door has a deadbolt lock. (the keep is lost) A cot and table and chair are in the cage. Someone is under the blankets on the bed. Toys cover the floor of the cage. A illegitimate deformed child of one of the Rumps was keep here until he died. Its hideous skeleton is under the covers. A poltergeist inhabits the cage and will throw toys at anyone in the room and screams loudly.
8. Crocodile room - This room has a 3 foot wide ledge around it. 4 feet down is a is a pool of fetid water. A zombie crocodile ‘lives’ here. It was a forgotten exotic pet. In its stomach are 39 gp, 49 sp, 89 cp and 98 pp.
9. Chair Room - This room has a pyramid of chairs stacked in the center of the room. A secret trap door to the attic is above the highest chair. The chairs are rickety and may break under someone’s weight.
10. Desert Room - This mosaic tiled room looks of middle eastern influence. Worn pillow and chairs and a fair amount of sand are in the room. A water pipe sets on a brass table in the center. Two dead palms set in pots.
Trap: Sand blast trap that blows sand from a water pipe.
Trigger: Touching the hookah.
Damage: 1d4 per round and 25% blindness until eyes are flushed.
Disable: Taking apart the water pipe carefully.
11. Armor Room - A full plate of armor is scattered on the floor. It slowly forms together and stands up. It attacks. If it looses all its h.p. it falls apart.
12. Column Room - A ivory column is in the center of the room. A 100 face twisted in leers cover it. They moan and then 4 foot long tongues lash out from them. They do not damage but are disguising and covered in pustules.
13. Unfinished Room - Exposed beams and saw horses are scattered about this room. Piles of bricks and buckets of mortar set about. Various workmen tools raise from the floor and attack the party. Some start bricking up the entrances. Note: Use the Flying Dagger Stats for tools.
14. Looking Glass Room - This room has mirrors on all the walls ceiling and floor. They are unbreakable. The mirror reflect monstrous horrors in the place of the part.
15.Transparent Wall Room - The one way transparent walls of this rooms show the contents of the adjacent rooms.
16. Giant Foot Room - A giant webbed reptilian foot made of stone fills the majority of the room and disappears into the ceiling. The manor was built around the titanic foot. The stump at mid shin level can be found in the attic.
17. The Languishing Lift or The Exasperating Elevator - This room has a tiny metal chamber has metal barred door which folds to the side. A metal leaver is on the wall. A metal arrow on the wall points to stylized symbols. A range of stylized symbols fans in a arch from right to left. If the door is closed and the metal level is pulled the elevator sinks or rises and appear in a random room in Tegal Manor. When the party exit’s the elevator sinks or rises disappearing traveling to a different room.
18. Bone Room - The room is filled all sizes and shapes of bones from floor to ceiling. It is all but impassable unless one whole day is spent clearing a path.
19. Spinning Wheel Room - The room is covered in hey a skeletal woman is on the stool are in the center at a wooden spinning wheel. The thread is made from gold. (worth 37 g.p.)
20. Rump Stone Room - A large wood thrown has a stone for a seat. A indention of a persons bottom is worn into the stone. This is the sacred Rump stone where the Lord of the Rumps is coroneted. Ghostly trumpets sound when someone sets on it.

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My Tegel Campaign Came to a Close.

A few months back I decided to run the fabled "Tegel Manor" dungeon crawl. I had only three mid-level players but they were more than a hand full. Each player had played in the dungeon prior on several occasions. After several months and many laughs the campaign came to a close. I learned many things about running the module. First that something old can be presented in a new light and invigorated. Secondly that the players will always surprise you and breath the second breath of life into an adventure. Thirdly surprises on both sides of the table await any one wanting to run the adventure module. I'm still stunned by a player conjuring a iceberg and dropping it on a black dragon squishing it dead. I was also very amused by one player getting turned into a horse twice in one game. I recommend it to both players and DM's alike.

Friar Deep's Adventure Generator

Friar Deep's Adventure Generator

The following is a random adventure generator is an adventure in a story format where capitalized words are replaced with words from the corresponding tables. For example TABLE A : OCCUPATION is replaced by Mercenaries. Once each space has been filled a simple adventure skeleton will be formed. Put a little meat on the bones so to speak changing or adding to the words. For example TABLE F : TERRAIN is replaced by Hills then replaced with the Hillocks of the White Horse. As always alter as needed.

In a time long ago, a band of mighty heroes challenged both men and gods. An unlikely band of TABLE A : OCCUPATION where spurred into action by TABLE B : HOOK. The heroes are TABLE C : MOTIVE to go on a quest to TABLE D: ACTION the TABLE E : GOAL. They must travel trough TABLE F : TERRAIN to the TABLE G : PLACE. Along the way they must deal with TABLE H : HAZARD in a TABLE G : PLACE, TABLE I : MINOR VILLIAN in a TABLE G : PLACE, and TABLE K : MONSTER in a TABLE G : PLACE. In their travels they meet an TABLE K : ALLY. When they finally reach the destination they must deal with TABLE H : HAZARD, TABLE I : MINOR VILLIAN, and TABLE K : MONSTER. The ally they made arrives to help them. The heroes discover a TABLE L : TWIST which changes the situation. In a final scene of TABLE M : CLIMAX with the TABLE N : MAJOR VILLIAN they triumph and return the way they came and receive a TABLE O : REWARD. What became of the heroes is another tale yet to be told.

Roll 1d6
1. Mercenaries
2. Pirates
3. Thieves
4. Outlaws
5. Travelers
6. Prisoners

Roll 1d6
1. An employer
2. An Event…
3. Personal Motives…
4. Rumor or Clue…
5. Strange event…
6. Chance encounter…

Roll 1d6
1. Bribed
2. Hired
3. Blackmailed
4. Tricked
5. Threatened
6. Asked

Roll 1d6

Roll 1d6
1. Defeat
2. Slay
3. Capture
4. Kidnap
5. Rescue
6. Save

Roll 1d6
1. Expose
2. Break-up
3. Ally
4. Escort
5. Save
6. Defeat

Roll 1d6
1. Recover
2. Find
3. Destroy
4. Steal
5. Manipulate
6. Hide


Roll 1d6
1. Magic user
2. Prince/Princes
3. Warrior
4. Scholar
5. Thief
6. A Body

Roll 1d6
1. A Cult
2. Merchant House
3. Band of …
4. Magic Users
5. Assassins
6. Thieves

Roll 1d6
1. Artifact
2. Weapon
3. Armor
4. Idol
5. Treasure
6. Book/Scroll

Roll 1d6

Roll 1d6
1. Hills
2. Forest
3. Grassland
4. Badlands
5. Lake
6. Moor

Roll 1d6
1. Mountain
2. Jungle/Rainforest
3. Moor
4. Desert
5. Sea
6. Swamp

1. Fields
2. Scrub
3. Tundra
4. Volcanic landscape
5. Coastal
6. River Delta

Roll 1d6

Roll 1d6
1. Arena
2. Docks/Ship
3. Sewer
4. Prison
5. Academy
6. Village/town/city

Roll 1d6
1. Graveyard/Necropolis
2. Lodge
3. Watchtower/Tower
4. Lighthouse
5. Pyramid/Ziggurat
6. Caravanserai

Roll 1d6
1. Tomb/Monument
2. Temple/Shrine
3. Ruins
4. Fortress
5. Trading post/Outpost
6. Palace

Roll 1d6
1. Oasis
2. Cave/Mines
3. Cliffs
4. Canyon/Rift
5. Volcano
6. Glacier

Roll 1d6
1. Island
2. Fjord/Cove
3. Waterfall
4. Jetty/Spit
5. Coral Reef
6. Kelp Bed

Roll 1d6
1. Peak/Mesa
2. Pass
3. Tar pit
4. Hot spring
5. Battlefield (abandoned)
6. Megalith Circle

Roll 1d6
1-2. TABLE H1 : Natural
3-4. TABLE H2 : Supernatural
5-6. TABLE H3 : Trap

Roll 1d6
1. Quick-sand
2. Water hazard
3. Weather
4. Obstacle
5. Landslide/earthquake/Avalanche
6. Plant/Animal

Roll 1d6
1. Ghosts
2. Magical
3. Curses
4. No magic zone
5. Elemental
6. Other …

Roll 1d6
1. Water room
2. Ceiling and floor
3. Gas/Acid/Poison
4. Pits/shoots
5. Weapons
6. Magical

Any Low-Medium level NPCs.

Any monsters.

Roll 1d6

Roll 1d6
1. Barbarian
2. Magic-user: Druid, Priest, Wizard
3. Mercenary
4. Nobleman
5. Scholar
6. Thief/Bandit/Outlaw

Roll 1d6
1. Warrior
2. Peasant
3. Brute
4. Sailor
5. Hunter/Gather
6. Assassin/Thug

1. Hedge-Mage: Witch, Witch doctor, Charlatan
2. Minstrel
3. Sage
4. Oracle
5. Animal
6. Monster

Roll 1d6
1. The villain is not the true villain
2. The villain is related to the hero
3. The goal is a monster
4. The goal is the villain
5. The goal is a fake.
6. The monster is good.

Roll 1d6
1. Magical Battle
2. Aerial fight
3. Aquatic fight
4. Sword fight
5. Food Fight
6. Moving Battle

Roll 1d6
1-3 TABLE N1
4-6 TABLE N2

1. Old Enemy
2. Warlord
3. Magic user
4. Nobleman
5. Thief
6. Monster

1. Pirate
2. Assassin
3. Barbarian
4. Merchant
5. Gladiator
6. Slaver

Roll 1d6
1. Treasure/Wealth
2. Magical items
3. Titles
4. Boon
5. Their lives
6. Thanks

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