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Map-A-Month: Side View Dungeon

This was a old side view dungeon sketch from many years ago. It looks half finished but amusing.

Dungeon of the Mountain Tower
An evil flame salamander cult once had a tower in the mountains but they disappeared and were never seen again. Recently there has been reports of dwarfs pulling riches from the ruined tower's lower levels.

Level 1A
1. Entry - Mirror, Jar, Stool. Monster: Giant Spider
2. Dry Privy - Graffiti, wood scraps. Monster: 2 goblins
3. Ruined Shrine -Door iron stuck and trapped. Inside is a Bench on a wooden platform and small alter and purple carpet a fountain filled with moist scrolls, 53 gold coins and broken brass idol.
4. Melting Room - Potion of healing, brass bucket, burnt rope, Mosaic of flaming salamanders and a fire pit with melted candles and a brass candelabra.

Level 1B
5. Officers Room - Stuffed Beast, Bench, Chest, bed and painting of solider with lizard helmet holding a flaming sword. Monster: Skeleton (with flaming sword +1)
6. Storage - Rack, manacles, chains, rope, barrel empty, box empty, scorch mark and burnt skeleton.

Level 2
7. Barracks - cage, bench, bed, alcove with troll skull, chest, spider webs, dice self rolling. Monster: 2 Medium Spiders
8. Kitchen - Mess on floor, loose masonry, fallen stones, cauldron, 12 wooden cups, brass platter
9. Storage - boxes, spider webs, FOG! (Where did that come from?)
10. Empty Room - illusion filled - actually holds a ruined illusionists chambers. Long dead illusionist with spell book holding 1-3 levels of illusion spells. Monster: 1 Troll

Level 3
11. Rickety Bridge - Bridge over sink hole. Covered in Skulls and a 10 foot pole. Monster 3 Zombie
12. Mushroom Patch - Ropes, Tongs, gold necklace, Mug, Trash pile. Monster: 3 Violent Fungi
13. Crude Room - candles, cracks in floor, brass plate. Monster: 5 Goblins
14. Cave - rubble filled, smoke. Monster: Lawful Evil human fighter 4th level and Lawful Evil thief 3rd level

Level 4
15. Crypt - Idol not broken of four armed lizard holding swords, 20 sarcophagus holding mummified and branded humans, engravings of grinning nymphs.
16. Name Brand Room - mummified cow and sacred branding iron, brazier brass.
17. Embalming room - alabaster table, candles, bucket , wrappings, bench, ruby ring, chest with 245 gp. Monster: 3 Dwarfs - wearing mummy wrappings to drive off foes.

Level 5
18. Cavern - full of rubble, Scroll 2nd level cleric spell
19. Smoky room - Brass lamps, brass table. Monster: 2 Flame salamanders
20. Dry Grotto - Blast holes, troll bones
21. Lake and island - has brass boat on shore. Island has building temple.
22. Brass Temple - bench, chest, bed, table chair, brass tube, brass statue of four armed lizard with two ruby eyes , Monster: 7 zombies, evil 6th level cleric

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