Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Random Encounters: The Border Fort

Random Encounters The Border Fort 
This border fort is located on the edge of the kingdom near a neighboring realm and the wilderness. What desperate people populate the fort or has it been abandoned or even curse.

Random Encounters
Roll 1d20
1. A detachment of bored and dangerous soldiers itching for a fight. 
2. An empty fort with a sign warning those who try to enter will be prosecuted. 
3. A battle damaged fort surrounded by dead combatants and feasting crows.
4. The border fort is an illusion placed their by a thrifty generals hired illusionist. 
5. Occupied by wild beasts. 
6. A hide out for bandits and criminals. 
7. A colony for disfigured but friendly plague victims.
8. Home to a dying magic user and his decrepit servant who plan on possessing the PCs bodies. 
9. Traveler taking shelter in an abandoned fort. 
10. Newly occupied by orc who plan on raiding the surrounding area.
11. Undead soldiers still man the fort defending it in death from attackers.
12. Fey creatures dwell here after having been driven out of their homes by evil humanoids.
13. Dwarfs guard the border in lieu of paying taxes to the king. 
14. Ghosts roam the fort seeking their murders but the PCs will due.
15. A cult of evil clerics passing themselves as militant monks protecting the borders.
16. A trade enclave with merchants and money changers doing business between to kingdoms. 
17. Lair of a vampire being hunted by a vampire slaying paladins. 
18. Empty
19. Magically maintained by aerial servants for their unseen master. 
20. Filled with vermin and foul slime.

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