Saturday, April 23, 2011

V is for Vampires

  • Sample Vampire
    Master Kobo Gumgee

  • Description:
    He is paunchy Halfling vampire with beady eyes and wooly mutton chop side burns. He is dressed in the velvet coat and brocade britches. He has a thinning tawny hair with edges of white. He smells of rose water.

  • History:
    Kobo Gumgee in life was a rather well off Halfling. He was a bit aloof but always attended the festivals of the his kin folk. His mansion was nestled in the picturesque and little traveled western edge of the Hawk Hills. Kobo being a bit of a gluten was having a late night snack in the kitchen when a sound of breaking glass startled him. A large bat had flown in through the glass window. Kobo went to the creature to see if it still lived. He was bitten viciously on the hand and the Kobo passed out. He awoke later in his cellar. A dark figure stood over him and declared he was now a vampire the slave of Lord Percy - he of the ivory fang. Kobo being at this point very frightened ran stumbling through the cellar with Lord Percy in pursuit. Kobo tripped over the old broken hand cart As Lord Percy lunged. Lord Percy impaled himself on the carts handle. Kobo was horror struck but giggle with dark delight at his luck. He was free and full of dark powers so he thought. Lord Percy the vampire was just incapacitated a but appeared dead. Kobo buried the body in the dirt floor cart and all. Being a practical Halfling he decide that he would make the most of being a vampire. He would recover the lost glory of the family name. He first charmed his small house hold staff and slew those who showed any sign of rebellion. Then he summoned rats to ruin the fields for his neighbors so he could buy them cheap. After that he summoned a pack of wolves and staged a false rescue of the village. He his selves fought off the wolves in the dead of night. He was give the title of Master Kobo Gumgee savior of the Hawk Hills. Being a vampire he covered up his pallor with rouge and bathed in rose water. He also complained of a allergy to the sun due to the mole bit he had gotten as a child. His cunning a cleverness have made him the virtual and real master of the region. If only he had a bride to share the bounty of Master Kobo Gumgee’s realm…

  • Plots:

  • The Bride of the Halfling Vampire - Kobo holds a festival and beauty contest for the fairest Halfling maid of the land. He is dosing this to find a bride he requires for true respectability and to have a companion to while away eternity. The winner will receive a golden brush, a golden dress, and a golden kiss from Master Kobo Gumgee.

  • Bat in the Hand - Master Kobo Gumgee being portly has difficulty flying in bat form. So much so he has fallen out of the air several times. The most recent time, he was knocked out of the air by a sling shot from the young Halfling rogue Perry Whippen. He has out the bat I an cold iron cage and plans to sell the unusual plump bat as an oddity at market. Kobo is stuck in a cold iron cage unable to change back and fearing the sun of day. Perry is in the Shuffling Sheep Tavern with the bat that night showing it off. Who will rescue the Kobo.

  • Lord Percy’s Revenge - He is still buried in the cellar but the gnawing of a mole is weakening the wood that impaled him. He has revived and now seeks out his former slave Kobo to teach him a final lesson. Lord Percy slew the staff and took over the manor house. Clever Master Kobo seeks adventures to slay a evil vampire who took his home. He promise gold and titles as well as a large amount of farm land. He arms them with all manor of wooden stakes and a garden full of garlic. He states he will be sheltering in the Shuffling Sheep Tavern and comforting his people.

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