Thursday, April 7, 2011

G is for Gods

  • Menrope

  • Goddess of Beekeeping

  • Title: Queen Comb, Mead Mother Honey

  • Home plane: Material Plane

  • Power Level: Demigod

  • Alignment: Neutral (Good)

  • Portfolio: Bee keeping, mead, apiaries, healing

  • Domain: Animal, Plant, Healing

  • Superior: none

  • Description Menrope wears a long dress and a diadem, from which falls a veil. Her left gloved hand holds bee hive and in her right gloved hand is a goblet which she is offering to a badger. She is the nature and agriculture goddess of beekeeping.

  • Dogma Menrope’s order of cleric teaches that beekeeping and the production of honey is a duty. That all must share in the benefits of honey and derivatives in order to remain healthy and happy. She is also said to walk among beekeepers and mead makers I disguise teaching them the proper way to do things. The badger associated with her symbolized the greediness and that the cup symbolizes that the greedy must only take their share.

  • Worshipers

  • Commoners She is venerated whenever mead is drunk with a pantomimed toast to her. Paying a small tithe when visiting a temple or being visited by a Cleric.

  • Clergy A scattered small clusters of clerics make up the bulk of the clergy of Menrope. There are a few small temples and shrines but no central authority. It is common for worshipers to anoint their lips with honey or bees wax when entering the temple. The clergy whisper the reason Menrope’s face is veiled is because she herself is honey.

  • Paladin Paladins of Queen Menrope are almost unheard of, but a few are rumored to exist.

  • Temple The few temples to Menrope have colonnaded porches with a bee hive shaped conical domes. They serve both as infirmary and mead brewing. It rumored that the strength of the mean is increased due to the venom of bees added to it. The clergy and brewers dismiss the claim.

  • Holy Days High Honey Day - It is held during the harvesting of honey in Late Spring. Must mead is drunk and honey drizzled loaves of bread eaten.

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