Saturday, April 23, 2011

W is for Witches

Witches are the rural magic user. They concoct potions, cast spells and hoard familiars. With spell caster few and far between the witch serves her community and in a way the community serves her. She or he uses their witchcraft to improve their own lot.
If you need a love potion or a curse see the witch , but she has a price. Witches often send the indebted to seek items and perform deed for them. The witch has her own troubles. She has dark pacts she is obligated to fulfill, spirits she must commune with regularly, and rivals she must plot against and defeat. This requires a great deal of time and energy. Often a witch is worn out by her middle year due to the stress and being exposed to alchemicales and the horrors which she visits with. In short a witches life has little time for social visits and little patience for useless fools. The witch is all too happy for a dangerous reputation in order to be left simply alone to enjoy her calling.

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