Sunday, April 17, 2011

P is for Peril

Peril is the potential for danger. Adding peril to an adventure adds excitement and keeps the players on their toes. Also it stimulates creative problem solving. The players my imperil their character in order to accomplish something. Peril adds fun and action to an other wise static adventure.

  • Examples of peril

  • Enter a burning building to save some one or something

  • Waking on a tight rope over a gorge or rushing river.

  • Climbing a steep cliff

  • Diving into a dark under water cave

  • Testing mysterious pools of colored liquid

  • Spending the night in an crumbling tower

  • Jumping from the roof of one building to another

  • Riding on an aerial mountWalking across a cracking glacier or frozen lake

  • Jumping off or on fast moving wagon or coach

  • Swinging from a chandler or ship's rigging

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