Tuesday, April 5, 2011

F is for Figurine

Sunstone Camel

  • This figurine appears to have been crafted from the finest of sunstones. It is has a golden orange and has a spangles luster. Upon utterance of the command word, the Sunstone Camel grows to the size of a true adult camel.

  • It can be used once per week for a continuous time period of up to 24 hrs. After that it must rest for a day before being used again. It can carry 300 lbs. and move at a camels normal rate or carry up to 600 lbs at half its movement rate.

  • It can carry up to two riders. Like other true camels it can go long periods without food or water.

  • If the figurine is slain in combat it may not be summoned again for 1 week.

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