Sunday, April 10, 2011

J is for Jewelry

Jewelry is more then rare metals and gems they both status symbols and portable concentrated wealth. Gold may glitter but shimmers with clever craftsmanship. Gems may gleam by cut properly and in a setting bring out their deep luster.

  • Sample Jewelry

  • Diadem of the Lost Lords

  • Description: This platinum and sapphire diadem has intricate images of eagles in flight with tear shaped sapphires.

  • History: The diadem was once worn by the fabled Lost Lords of the mountains whose realm was destroyed by giant invasion. The eagles adorning the diadem are giant eagles which guarded the sky's above the realm and the sapphire symbolized the alpine lakes. Only ruins remain of the might realm. The diadem speaks of a gentler and more refined age.

  • Secret: If the diadem is placed over a map of the realm of the Lost Lords the arrangment of the sapphire match the lakes. The eagles indicate the location of castles and settlements. The largest eagle is located where the royal tombs are.

  • Effects: Nobility and wealthy merchants will automatically believe the wearer is wealthy or at the very least born of ancient noble blood.

  • Worth: 5,000 g.p.

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