Thursday, April 14, 2011

N is for N.P.C.'s

  • Firdir Hookbill

  • He Has a broken nose, wears a homespun green sash, harassed by common bats

  • Genedle the Spry

  • He has a Mane of dirty blonde hair, has a conical helmet with weird symbol on it, has an servant employed by his family for generations

  • Jertalynn the Spear-maiden

  • She has a tattoo of fox on her shoulder, wears armored boots, quotes from two books titled "Fortuitous Fables & Sages Sagas"

  • Vervet of Cragmoot

  • He is Pale with dark eyebrows, is a vegetarian, has a fondness for beheadings

  • Kirtaan Dovequill

  • She has freckles, wears furs of undetermined animals, fears the men of the moon

  • Ostiquin the bountiful

  • He Portly but has a quick step, wears a toupee, collects shells to build a grotto shrine

  • Hurn the Rake

  • He has heavy lidded eyes and appears asleep, has an ivory drinking horn covered in magical symbols, covets fine clothing

  • Jilti Staffcracker

  • She has a beauty mark, wears red leather boots and spurs, is trying to learn how to play a lyre

  • Ulis the Old

  • He Has a white beard, drinks only tea, scribbles in a diary he calls his staff "mr hoof"

  • Damar of Ramad

  • He Hears a hunting hat with a very long feather, has a pet hedge hog he calls Lickadaisy, enjoys the singing upbeat tempo songs

  • Ennagwaine Surespell

  • She wears a wimple, has a habit of avoiding night watch, has a large traveling spell book of reportedly made of dragon leather

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