Sunday, April 17, 2011

Q is for Quests

Quest is a formal vow to seek out something or accomplish a deed. Knights are not the only ones who quest but they often pursue them. Any group of adventures may strive to accomplish a common goal. Of course they may have their own motives. A common quest but different motives. When ever you come up with a quest create at least one motivation for the players. This can be drawn from the characters background or preferences of the player. This tailoring makes it more fun for the players and the game master. It is also very important that the quest be an over arching goal not necessarily an immediate. Conversely it is advisable not to drag put a quest until the players tire or in the extreme become apathy. Simple put a quest should be more then two sessions and less then eight. Just long enough to make them feel like something they have accomplished but not a slow and meandering trial of endurance. To break up any boredom add a little side trek adventure to keep the players on their toes. Quests may be the beginning and ends of characters in a book but players want more then a epic continuous pursuit of an illusive goal. Still quest used properly can be fertile ground for adventure and give a great feeling of accomplishment.

  • Sample Quests

  • Find and defeat a monster

  • Example: Seek out the hidden horde and defeat Rasgath the Ogre

  • Seek and destroy and enemy stronghold

  • Example: Storm the red ramparts of castle Blood.

  • Recover a lost item and return it

  • Example: Claim the black chalice and return it to the high temple.

  • Prevent something from happening

  • Example: Prevent the assassination of the Arch Druid Bosco.

  • Rescue someone

  • Example: Save the Pixies from a fate worse then dead at the Parlor of Delights.

  • Destroy a dangerous item

  • Example: Destroy the evil Halfling Ring of Megalomania.

  • Find a lost race

  • Example: Whatever happened to those albino Lizardmen?

  • Defeat a certain number or type of monsters

  • Example: Thirteen Kills, Thirteen Trills!

  • Fulfill a prophecy

  • Example: Prevent the Darklord’s rise to power, No way I’ll help him and be rewarded.

  • Explore enemy territory

  • Example: So the bandits are in Dapple Wood, sound kind of pleasant for bandits.

  • Find a new path or passage for travelers

  • Example: Mark the trail from the Hammer Mountains to Woods of Woe.

  • Solve a riddle

  • Example: I hate riddles, I’ll pass.

  • Uncover a secret

  • Example: Every one has them and if your clever you have three.

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