Monday, February 16, 2009

The Adventure is in the Cards

By Friar Deep

This adventure generator uses both the player input and the Game Master‘s judgment to create an adventure. This method is best used with players who are creative. It is designed to allow the players to determine their own adventure or campaign.

STEP 1 : So just get a stack of index cards and write on the blank side the card’s category.

STEP 2 : Have a equal number of cards per category for each player. For example you have 5 players so there would be 5 card titled “Beginnings”, “Events”, “Monsters” etc.

STEP 3 : Deal out a card from each category to every player. So the players will have one card of each category.

STEP 4 : Have them fill out the card.

STEP 5 : Shuffle the cards keeping them separated into each category.

STEP 6 : Have the players each pick a random card from the piles.

STEP 7 : Collect the cards from each player. Write on the back of the cards “Adventure #1”, “Adventure #2”, “Adventure #3” etc. for each collection of cards.

STEP 8 : After the process is complete the game master will have to create a coherent game or several games from the info on the cards. Therefore the method does not give a instant adventure or campaign.

Index cards
Divider cards
Game Master



(Part 1)
Locations I
Events I
Villains I
Monsters I

(Part 2)
Location II
Event II
Villains II
Monster II

(Part 3)
Location III
Event III
Villains III
Monster III


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