Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Tegel Campaign Came to a Close.

A few months back I decided to run the fabled "Tegel Manor" dungeon crawl. I had only three mid-level players but they were more than a hand full. Each player had played in the dungeon prior on several occasions. After several months and many laughs the campaign came to a close. I learned many things about running the module. First that something old can be presented in a new light and invigorated. Secondly that the players will always surprise you and breath the second breath of life into an adventure. Thirdly surprises on both sides of the table await any one wanting to run the adventure module. I'm still stunned by a player conjuring a iceberg and dropping it on a black dragon squishing it dead. I was also very amused by one player getting turned into a horse twice in one game. I recommend it to both players and DM's alike.

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