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The Hallow Hall

This module was designed based of the classic model. It is simple and straight forward. That being said it also allows the DM to fill in the blanks.

The Scope of the Module
The module is concerned with the village of Nook and to a greater extent The Hollow Hall. All other areas are left for the DM to flesh out.

DM’s Background.
Around 250 years ago the tyrant Tyrone the Terrible ruled the valley from his mountain side hall. He built and expanded the small hall he had captured from the former ruler. His wife Nivanna was more then a bit maddened by the horrors she witnessed her husband perform. This amused him and it was more to his twisted liking. The warlock Dreggal of the Red Tome tired of being in the tyrants service and was more tired of the insane cackling of Nivanna as well. He knew he could never be free for them while they lived. He crafted two matching golden crowns and then magically poisoned them with the spirits for those Tyrone vanquished. Dreggal presented them the reignments and crowned them both. They died is swoons of mad cackling. Dreggal took over the horde and the hall. Dreggal slowly slipped over the years into a lesser lichdom. The keep slowly fell to ruin. The Black Claw bugbear tribe found the hall and inhabited it. They are wise enough to avoid the more deadly areas. Now it is present day and The Hallow Hall is but a fireside tale in the village of Nook.

Player Background
You are passing through a rather remote area and in need of rest. By chance you stumble upon the village of Nook.

Village of Nook
This village is surrounded by woods. The nearby peaks loam overhead.

Old One Eye - Tavern/Inn - Clean and modestly priced.
The Merry Anvil - Blacksmith shop - Sturdy and expensive.
Bounty and Barter - Provisions - Variety of goods and expensive.
Temple of the Just - Temple - Spiritual and bodily aid. Offerings welcome.
The Sleepy Stallion - Stable - Well tended and modestly priced.
The Constabulary - jail - Well built and defended.

NPC’s List
Elsa the tavern keeper, Human female.
Sareen the blacksmith, Human female.
Dalt the provision provider, Halfling male.
Fadrick the cleric, Human male.
Karst the stable hand, Half-elf male.
Harwort Goldtooth the sheriff, Dwarven male.

Rumor Table
Roll 1d10
1.The tyrant Tyrone’s old hall is on the mountain side overlooking the valley. Tyrone and his of warriors of the rounded table ruled the area with an iron fist about 200 years ago. (True)
2.The place is haunted by the old tyrants mad queen Nivanna. On still nights you can hear her cackling. (True)
3.People call the place The Hallow Hall for a reason. It is an empty gutted shell of a hall with nothing but bat and rat poo. (False)
4.The old warlock Dreggal of the Red Tome still lives up their. He must be close to 300 years old and is said to look it. (True)
5.A hansom entranced one is said to sleep in Hallow Hall through the ages awaiting his true loves kiss. (False)
6.A tribe of flea bitten Bugbears live in the hall and it and they should best be avoided. (True)
7.The word ‘DYSCUM’ means friend in Bugbear. (False)
8.The old tyrant and his mad queen’s warlock murdered them with a set of poisoned crowns. (True)
9.The Hallow Hall is said to hold a hidden army waiting to be lead by the tyrants successor. (False)
10.The Hallow Hall rooms go deep into the mountain and into the under-deep below. (True)

The Hallow Hall
1.Porch - The porch is supported by pillars with carved snakes rapping around them. Monster: (3) Giant Wasp
2.Great Hall - This large hall is drafty and canopy of web float in the breeze. Monster: (2) Animated Full Plate Armor and (1) spider Treasure: Random
3.Throne Room - The open throne room has to dark wooden thrones in them set skeletons wearing crowns. Monster: (2) Cackling Skeletons Treasure: Two gold crowns worth 300 g.p. each.
4.Master Bedroom - The large bed room has a four post bed. Monster (1) Spirit Treasure: Silver Chamber Pot worth 20 g.p.
5.Setting Room - This dark wood paneled room has several couches.
6.Servants Quarters - This small room has bunk beds and footlockers.
7.Trophy Room - This secret room is filled vile trophies of war. Treasure: Magicians Hat - (cast one extra spell per day)
8.Council Chamber - This room car a large round table and chairs around it. Monster : (1) Bugaboo Trap: Anyone setting at the table must have sworn an oath to defend the hall. If not the victim must save vs. paralyzation. The effect last as long as the victim is setting at the table. Treasure: Random
9.Kitchen - This foul smelling room is a kitchen.
10.Pantry - This damp cold room appears to have been a pantry. There is a well as well. Monster: Water Weirdo
11.Shrine - A small domed shrine holds a statue of the god of tyranny and battle. Trap: Magical - Anyone gazing upon the statue must save verses spell or attack the next person they see armed with weapons. Treasure: Random
12.Servants Quarters - This room holds several dusty cots and footlockers. Monster: (3) Bugbears Weapon Maces (1) Bugbear chief (double hit points) Weapon: Mace and ring-mail armor Treasure: Random
13.Closet - This room is filled as would be a closet.
14.Dinning - This chamber has a round table with several chairs. Plates and tankards cover it. Monster: (3) Bugbears.
15.Guard Room - This room has a weapon rack and a table and two chairs. Monster: (2) Bugbears. Weapon Maces.
16.Vault - This room has a iron door. Inside are two chest and three sacks of treasure. Door: Locked Trap: Spikes 1d6 damage to all near door and resets. Monster: (1) Zombie Mimic Treasure: One chest has a Ring of Shadowy Form - Turn into a shadow once per day. Unable to attack or be attacked except by magic. Sack one has 700 c.p., 27 s.p., 32 e.p. 45 g.p. Sack two has 92 c.p., 24 e.p. 10 g.p. 2 p.p. Sack three has 3 gems worth 20 g.p. each.
17.Upper Barracks - This room is filled with bunk beds footlockers and weapon racks. A small table and four chairs are in the center. Monster: (4) Animated weapons. Treasure: 24 g.p. in footlocker. Silver tankard worth 30 g.p.
18.Armory - This room is filled with suites or various armor. Treasure: Shield of the Drake (+ 1 AC and immune to fire damage)
19.Torture Chamber - This reeking room is a horrid torture chamber. Monster: (5) Skeletons
20.Lower Barracks - This room is filled with bunk beds footlockers and weapon racks. A small table and four chairs are in the center. Monster: (2) Skeletal Berserkers Treasure: Random
21.Master-at-arms Room- This room appears to be a private bed room and has armor and a weapons rack. Treasure: Rope of Binding - On command binds one opponent. There is a 25% chance to break free.
22.Guard Room - This open room has a table and chair. A ring of keys is on the wall. A crank operates the portcullis and a switch board controls which cell opens. Monster : (2) Skeletal War-dogs Treasure: Random
23.Cell - This dismal cell has straw on the floor. Monster: (1) Elf
24.Cell - This dank cell has bones on the floor. Monster: (1) Bugbear
25.Cell - This dire cell has straw on the floor. Monster: (1) Elf
26.Cell - This dark cell has dead rats on the floor. Treasure: Random
27.Cell - This damp cell has straw on the floor. Treasure: Random
28.Wizard’s Room - This incense filed room has a bed and laboratory table. A large chest and a heavy wardrobe are in it as well. Monster: Skeletal Warlock Treasure: Wand of Frost - 1d6 (+ 1 damage per every 4 levels); Random Treasure.
29.Secret Study - This secret chamber has a skylight. Two shelves of books line the walls. A chair and desk set in the middle. Treasure: Clay of Animation - 10 pounds. Can be sculpted into one small sized monster or animal that is loyal to the sculptor. Spell book (5 spells of appropriate level and class)

Wandering Monster Table
Roll 1d12
3. Giant Rats
5.Menace Mushroom
6.Dire Slug
7.Red ooze
10.Skeletal War-dog
12.Roll twice, use both results.

Roll 1d6
1. Monster
2. Monster & Treasure
3-6. Empty (25% hidden treasure)

Random Treasure
Roll d% (percentiles)
01 -25 500 copper pieces/per level
26- 50 400 silver pieces/per level
51-65 300 electrum pieces/per level
66-80 200 gold pieces/per level
81-90 100 platinum pieces/per level
91-94 1d4 gems worth 25 g.p. each/per level
95-97 1 piece of jewelry 100 g.p /per level
98-00 Magic (roll once on magic table)

Random Magic Treasure Table
Roll 1d12
1.Potion of Healing
2.Potion of Cold Resistance
3.Potion of Speed
4.Potion of Levitation
5.Scroll of Spell (appropriate level and class)
6.Scroll of Spell (appropriate level and class)
7.Dagger 1d4 (+ 1 damage per every 4 levels)
8.Short Sword (+ 1 damage per every 4 levels)
9.Mace (+ 1 damage per every 4 levels)
10.Bracers of Armor (+ 1 AC per every 4 levels)
11.Leather Armor (+ 1 AC per every 4 levels)
12.Roll twice, use both results. Ignore duplications.

Animated Full Plate Armor - AC 0; Mv 12”; HD 3; hp 24; #attack 1; damage 1d4 slam, Awl Pike 1d6; intelligence non; Size m; Special Defense - If reduced to half hp it falls apart. They reform with in 1d10+1 rounds. The hp regenerate to full when they reform. If parts are missing they do not regain hps.

Animated Weapons - AC 0; Mv 12” fly; HD 1; hp 8; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence non; Size s. These ordinary weapons have been enchanted to fly and attack intruders.

Bugaboo - AC 0 ; Mv 12”/12“ fly; HD 2 ; hp 16; #attack 1 ; damage nil; intelligence non ;al N ; Size m; Special Attack: Spooky Sounds - 20foot radius -Save vs. Spell of fall into fit of trembling and fright. The victim is at a -1 to AC, Damage, Saving throws. The affect lasts 1d6+1 rounds.
Special Defense: +1 or better to hit. Turned as a Ghoul.

Bugbear - AC 5 ; Mv 12”; HD 3+1; hp 25; #attack 1; damage 2-8 or by weapon; intelligence average; al: CE; Size L.

Bats - - AC 2; Mv 24”fly; HD 1/8; hp 1; #attack 1; damage 1 bite; intelligence animal; al N; Size s.

Cackling Skeletons - AC 6; Mv 12”; HD 2; hp 16; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence low; al CE; Size m; Special Attack: Cackling - Save vs. Spell or fall into fits of cackling for 1d10+1 rounds. Victims are at a -4 to hit, damage, and all saves for the duration. Spell casting is impossible while under the affect. Special Defense: Turned as a Zombie.

Dire Slug - AC 8; Mv 12”/12“ climb; HD 1; hp 8; #attack 1; damage 1-4; intelligence semi; al N Size S; Special Attack: Corrosive spit - 6 foot range and 50% change to hit target. This small slug is a sneak foe. It crawls on ceiling, floors and walls.

Elf - 10 AC ; Mv 12”; HD 1+1; hp 9; #attack 1; damage by weapon or 1d10 ; intelligence high; al CG; Size m. These elves are wood elves and have normal elf abilities.

Giant Rats - - AC 7; Mv 12”/6“ climb; HD 1/2; hp 4; #attack 1; damage 1-3; intelligence animal; Al N(e) Size s; Special Attack: Disease bite - 5%. Victim must save vs. poison or lose 1d4+1 hp and have a -1 to hit, AC, damage, and saves. The disease ends in 1d6 weeks. A cure disease spell ends the affect.

Giant Wasp - AC 4; Mv 6”/ 21“ fly; HD 1; hp 8; #attack 2; damage 1d4 sting/1d6 bite; intelligence animal; aL N; Size m; Special Attack -Poison - Svae vs. posion or become paralyzed permanently. Death will occur if untreated in 2-5 days. Neutralize poison spell or antidote.

Gremlin - AC 6; Mv 12”; HD 1+1; hp 9; #attack 1; damage 1d4 bite; intelligence average; al CE; Size s; Special Attack: Chaotic Aura - 30foot radius. All victims in the area must save vs. spell or act randomly for 1d6+1 rounds. Random action table: 1d6: 1. Take off all equipment and cloths. 2. Wander off. 3. Fight nearest creature. 4. Defend nearest creature.5. Sing and dance. 6. Give treasure away.

Menace Mushroom - AC 7; Mv 6”; HD 2; hp 16; #attack 1; damage 1-4; intelligence non; al N; Size M; Special Attack - Explode- After taking half of it’s hp in damage it explodes releasing a cloud of spores. The explosion does 1-6 damage to all with in a 30 foot radius. Special Defense: 25% move silently. These creatures appear as humanoid shaped mushroom.

Red ooze - AC 8; Mv 12”; HD 2+2; hp 18; #attack 1; damage 2-12; intelligence animal; Al N; Size M; Special Attack - Acid - 2-12 damage. This red colored ooze dissolves organic matter on contact.

Skeleton - AC 7; Mv 12”; HD 1 ; hp 8; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence non; al N; Size m; This skeleton patrol the hall and attack intruders.

Skeletal Berserker - AC 6; Mv 12”; HD 2; hp 16; #attack 2; damage 1-8; intelligence low; al CN; Size m; Special Attack: Rage - They have a +1 to hit. They fight all targets until they are dead focusing on one then the next. Special Defense: Turned as a zombie.

Skeletal War-dog - AC 6; Mv 12”; HD 2+2 ; hp 18; #attack 1; damage 2-8; intelligence non; al N; Size m. Special Defense: Turned as a zombie. This large skeletal dogs hunt and case down foes.

Skeletal Warlock - AC 4; Mv 12”; HD 3; hp 24; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence average; al NE; Size m; Special Attack: This lesser lich is able to cast a few magic user spells. (5) 1st level, (3) 2nd level, (2) 3rd level, (1) 4th level. Special Defense: +1 or better to hit. Turned as a ghoul. Aura of Scariness 20foot radius -Save vs. Spell of fall into fit of trembling and fright. The victim is at a -1 to AC, Damage, Saving throws. The effect lasts for 2-12 rounds. The monsters phylactery must be destroyed or it will reform in 1 day.

Spider - AC 8 ; Mv 12”; HD 1+1; hp 9; #attack 1; damage 1; intelligence non; al N; Size ; Special- Poison Bite - Save vs. poison at +2 or suffer 1d4 damage.

Spirit - AC 0 ; Mv 12”/12“ fly; HD 2 ; hp 16; #attack 1 ; damage 1-4 ; intelligence low ;al CE; Size m; Special Attack chilling touch 1-4 damage. Special Defense: +1 or better to hit. Turned as a Ghoul. The spirits float about performing action as if they are alive and if interrupted will attack.

Water Weirdo - AC 4; Mv 12”; HD 1; hp 8; #attack 2; damage nil; intelligence average; Size L (10 feet long); Special Attack: Drowning - save vs. breath weapon or drown in 1-4 rounds. Special Defense: sharp weapons do only 1 damage and blunt do normal damage. If broken apart reforms in 1-2 rounds. This elemental creature enjoys drowning foes.

Zombie Mimic - AC 8; Mv 6”; HD 3; hp 24; #attack 1; damage 1-6; intelligence non; al N; Size L; Special Attack: Diseased Puss - Each hit inflicts a rotting disease on the victim. It will be fatal in 1-2 months. The victim loses 2 points charisma each week until dead. Special Defenses: Camouflage - It appears as a rotten and moldy piece of furniture. Turned as a ghoul.

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