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Home Brewed Encounter Tables for Tegal Manor

Tegal Manor Encounter Tables
*Note - Defaulted to 2nd ed

On the Grounds of Tegal Manor
1. Straw dummies wearing cloths and wooden weapons similar to the P.C.’s party.
2. Statue of a cherub peeing into a bird bath.
3. Very large animal bones. Possibly a dire animal.
4. Rotten wooden potting shed.
5. Gazing ball that has horrible reflections of the viewer in pain and terror.
6. A hand cart with a pile of 37 dead mandrake roots in it. Each shows hoe marks.
7. Dead patch of sod in the shape of a human , animal, or monster.
8. Ruined gypsy wagon. Has a crystal ball in it and a skeletal gypsy woman.
9. Small pond with skeletal coy swimming in it. 100 gp is at the bottom in the mud.
10. Sundial on a pedestal. It casts no shadow. It points south. If turned north stairs form in the ground and lead downward to a random room on the lower dungeon level.
11. Dense undergrowth or zombie treant.
12. Ships anchor
13. Lawn Gnomb Ornament (petrified gnomb)
14. Ruins of a picnic basket and two bear skeletons.
15. Random monster tracks or biting insects.
16. Tar pool & dead animals stuck in it.
17. Rain barrel next to gutter pipe.
18. Cloths line and rotten linen.
19. Wild wolvesbane and garlic
20. Fallen stones shaped like tormented faces.

In the attic of Tegal Manor
1. Chest full of brightly colored feathers and a bucket of hardened tar.
2. A complete T-rex skeleton articulated which animates.
3. Medium sized mummified frog has 10 gems worth 80 gold in it.
4. A window which is cloaked in illusions to appear as plain roof.
5. An entrance is conceal to appear as normal wall.
6. Giant white snake skin.
7. Empty medium size cage with set of keys to it.
8. Skylight with stained glass.
9. Door to the roof that is conceal by shingles on the outside.
10. Broken furniture moaning in sadness.
11. Fishing trophy of a mermaid. Has a red coral necklace worth 240 gp.
12. Trap door to room below.
13. Dust cloud obscures vision.
14. Stone with ruins on it teleports the P.C.s to a random area out doors.
15. 12 Stuffed reindeer and a stuffed clown in a red suit in a sled.
16. Boxes, crates, barrels full of ruined items.
17. Weak floor fall into room below.
18. Fireplace and chimney connects to others in the manor.
19. Nik-naks
20. Giant ball of twine

In the halls of Tegal Manor
1. Shoe with a bloody foot in it.
2. Mop and bucket and broom and dust pan.
3. Standing pool of: Blood, water, grease, oil, acid.
4. Fog patch or incenses patch
5. Strong wind blowing. Half movement toward the wind. Double movement away from it.
6. Cobweb filled. Half movement.
7. Trip wire. 1d2 falling damage.
8. Invisible bear trap 1d6 damage.
9. Pouch of coins. 120 copper, 76 silver, 93 gold.
10. Small wooden maids cart.
11. Graffiti carved into the wood. “Karg Weasel Fang was here!”
12. 30 loose black pearls worth 300 gp.
13. Trap door to room below.
14. Broken and shattered weapons.
15. Lantern with oil.
16. Trap door in ceiling.
17. Rug with pattern that disorients the viewer for 1d20 rounds.
18. Fencing sword having a dual then suddenly mount themselves to their brackets on the wall.
19. Stuffed animal head watches the P.C.s
20. Stains, foot print, animal and monster tracks.

In the closets of Tegal Manor
1. Once fine dress now rags
2. Old worn out and chewed on boots.
3. 20 exotic and different hats
4. Bear, wolf, seal fur coat. Turns wearer into an animal when worn. When removed the wear returns to normal.
5. A pair of dead giant moths arranged as if having a tea party.
6. A 4 foot tall powdered blue wig with a naval ship in it.
7. Rotten linen and a medium size live moth eating them.
8. A demon holding a pink ladies’ parasol that looks embarrassed and disappears in a puff of brimstone.
9. A one way teleport chamber to another closet.
10. A large reptile egg paint with a dragon on it.
11. Animated shoe polishing brush and rags cleaning boots.
12. Rich looking doll clothing
13. Trap door in ceiling.
14. Trap door in floor.
15. Secret door to adjacent room.
16. A medium sized wicker man with burnt brownies in it.
17. Filled with bones that spill out.
18. A standing mirror with a dust cloth on it. The mirror is cracked but reflects the P.C.s misshapen horrors.
19. A four medium sized dead beetles with musical instruments.
20. A bucket of rancid lard.

Random Rooms
1. Spike Room - This room has floor spikes sticking up out of the floor. It appears to be s set off trap. A skeleton in armor and equipment is impaled on them.
Trap - The spikes are electrified.
Trigger: Touching the spikes
Damage 1d6 per round of contact.
Disable: A hidden panel with two levers. The fist turns off the current and the other lovers the spikes and set the trap.
2. Bust Room - The room has 5 busts on pedestals arranged in a pentacle facing inward. Strange red beams come from their eyes meeting in the center of the pentacle. If the gaze of the Busts are interrupted then a demon appears in the center. Any low level one will do. Returning the bust to the original position banishes the fiend.
3. Attic Access Room - A stone stair case leads upward to the ceiling. A bared and banded wooden trap door is in the ceiling. It has a large pad lock. The key is on the floor in a corner of the room. It appears to be covered in old dry blood. This trap door lead to the attic.
4. Giant Skull Room - A giant’s skull is in the middle of the floor when the party enters. It has two large rubies for eyes. When the party enters it hovers off the floor and faces the party. It below “What is your will my master?” If the party answers at all roll on the following table. Roll 1d6 - 1. Explodes doing 1d8 damage to all in the room. 2. It hover to the floor and deactivates. 3. It laughs at what ever the party says. 4. It says “By your command!” Nothing happens. 5. It screams for 1d20 rounds. It can be heard in the entire wing of the manor. 6. It performs one wish and then shatters.
Note: The gems are red glass.
5. Model Room - This room is very dusty. On a bow legged table sets a model on Tegal Manor.
Trap: A teleported trap. After 1 round in the room the teleport trap begins. On the 1st round a slight breeze is felt. On the 2nd round the air is heavy with moisture. On the 3rd round the victims have a sinking feeling. On the 4th round the victims vision blurs. On the 5th round the illumination changes. On the 6th round the victims have vertigo. The victims are 300 feet above Tegal manor standing on an invisible wall of force 30X30 feet. The manor appears to be in the same scale as the model. The victims have be creative to get down.
Trigger: Entering the room.
Damage: Nil. Possible falling damage.
Disable: Exit the room before the 6th round.
6. Room With a View - A four large paints cover the walls. Each is of a local landscape. Painting 1. Lighthouse and seascape. Victim is teleported to rocky island in (Hex 5004) and faces south east . Painting 2. Pastoral and temple on a hill. Victim is teleported to field in (Hex 1503) and faces south east. Painting 3. A field with a village in the distance. Victim is teleported to monastery tower roof in (Hex 1531) and faces north west. 4. Victim is teleported to a wood land over looking a fetid swamp on (Hex 2908) and faces south.
Trap: The paints are landscapes of the region around tegal manor.
Trigger: The teleport a viewer to the location after viewing it for 2 rounds.
Disable: Turn the paints around and dint look at them.
7. Disappointment Room - A large iron cage fills up the center of this room. The cage door has a deadbolt lock. (the keep is lost) A cot and table and chair are in the cage. Someone is under the blankets on the bed. Toys cover the floor of the cage. A illegitimate deformed child of one of the Rumps was keep here until he died. Its hideous skeleton is under the covers. A poltergeist inhabits the cage and will throw toys at anyone in the room and screams loudly.
8. Crocodile room - This room has a 3 foot wide ledge around it. 4 feet down is a is a pool of fetid water. A zombie crocodile ‘lives’ here. It was a forgotten exotic pet. In its stomach are 39 gp, 49 sp, 89 cp and 98 pp.
9. Chair Room - This room has a pyramid of chairs stacked in the center of the room. A secret trap door to the attic is above the highest chair. The chairs are rickety and may break under someone’s weight.
10. Desert Room - This mosaic tiled room looks of middle eastern influence. Worn pillow and chairs and a fair amount of sand are in the room. A water pipe sets on a brass table in the center. Two dead palms set in pots.
Trap: Sand blast trap that blows sand from a water pipe.
Trigger: Touching the hookah.
Damage: 1d4 per round and 25% blindness until eyes are flushed.
Disable: Taking apart the water pipe carefully.
11. Armor Room - A full plate of armor is scattered on the floor. It slowly forms together and stands up. It attacks. If it looses all its h.p. it falls apart.
12. Column Room - A ivory column is in the center of the room. A 100 face twisted in leers cover it. They moan and then 4 foot long tongues lash out from them. They do not damage but are disguising and covered in pustules.
13. Unfinished Room - Exposed beams and saw horses are scattered about this room. Piles of bricks and buckets of mortar set about. Various workmen tools raise from the floor and attack the party. Some start bricking up the entrances. Note: Use the Flying Dagger Stats for tools.
14. Looking Glass Room - This room has mirrors on all the walls ceiling and floor. They are unbreakable. The mirror reflect monstrous horrors in the place of the part.
15.Transparent Wall Room - The one way transparent walls of this rooms show the contents of the adjacent rooms.
16. Giant Foot Room - A giant webbed reptilian foot made of stone fills the majority of the room and disappears into the ceiling. The manor was built around the titanic foot. The stump at mid shin level can be found in the attic.
17. The Languishing Lift or The Exasperating Elevator - This room has a tiny metal chamber has metal barred door which folds to the side. A metal leaver is on the wall. A metal arrow on the wall points to stylized symbols. A range of stylized symbols fans in a arch from right to left. If the door is closed and the metal level is pulled the elevator sinks or rises and appear in a random room in Tegal Manor. When the party exit’s the elevator sinks or rises disappearing traveling to a different room.
18. Bone Room - The room is filled all sizes and shapes of bones from floor to ceiling. It is all but impassable unless one whole day is spent clearing a path.
19. Spinning Wheel Room - The room is covered in hey a skeletal woman is on the stool are in the center at a wooden spinning wheel. The thread is made from gold. (worth 37 g.p.)
20. Rump Stone Room - A large wood thrown has a stone for a seat. A indention of a persons bottom is worn into the stone. This is the sacred Rump stone where the Lord of the Rumps is coroneted. Ghostly trumpets sound when someone sets on it.

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