Monday, February 16, 2009

Roman festival of Fornacalia the oven Goddess

So today is February 17th the Roman festival of Fornacalia the oven Goddess. It is a festival of bread and ovens. To commemorate this day I have written a brief generic side adventure. I will include guidelines for generating stats for monster and foes.

A Bakers Dozen
By Friar Deep

Set up
Location: Any town
Date: February 17th or your games equivalent

Bombastus the baker and his wife Malitiria have operated the towns only bakery. The Laughing Loaf is known through out the province for the quality of it baked goods. A last years heat-wave reduced the amount of flour produced and the bakery has started to run out.
To top this off the local tax collector Horvicus a patron and friend pasted away. He was replaced by Faladorri. Faladorri has increased the taxes on local merchants and singled out Bombastus due to Faladorri coveting Malitiria. He hopes to drive Bombastus out of business and then poison him like he did the former tax collector.
Bombastus hired Truvius as his apprentice and has taught him the ancient art of baking from the Book of Baking. Bombastus told young Truvius about the Fornacalia the oven Goddess and about her devotions.
The flour shortage greatly diminished the bakeries profits but still the Faladorri charged the same tax. Complaints to the distant lord of the province go unheard. Truvius decided to save his master and the bakery. He secreted the Book of Baking from Bombastus and hatched a plan. He will beseech the Goddess to provide sacred flour so that the baker could survive. The Goddess was touched by this and Truvius discovered a ever-full bag of flour when he awoke the next morning.
Truvius in his excitement decided to use one of the rare recipes from the Book of Baking. He then rashly baked a batch ginger bread men golems and sent them to subdue the Faladorri. Unfortunately for Truvius he substituted ginger for another root he got from a herbalist. So the gingerbread men rebelled.

A Prostrate Tax Collector
The P.C.’s are traveling to town to get provisions. They see a man crawling on the ground with burns on him. He appears to be the new tax collector. Six gingerbread men attacking him. Their touch burning the poor man. If the P.C.’s save the tax collector he immediately accuses the Baker Bombastus of witchcraft and offers a reward for his capture of 30 gold. Faladorri in the fight dropped a note concerning his poisoning of the former tax collector Horvicus. The P.C.’s may find in the road a note detailing the cost of certain poisons and a list of the number of doses. Its up to the P.C.’s to put it together.

Can’t Catch the Gingerbread Man
The P.C.’s are in town and they see a small gingerbread man running down the street. Following it leads them to new tax collector who is being attacked by them. If the P.C.’s save the tax collector he immediately accuses the Baker Bombastus of witch craft and offers a reward for his capture of 30 gold each.

Ride em Gingerbread Man
The P.C.’s are in town and they see a terrified chicken being ridden by a Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread man takes them on a wild goose chase but leads them to his fellow with the tax collector.

The Adventure
The Laughing Loaf Bakery
The P.C.’s arrive at the bakery and find Malitiria on top of the cupboard screaming as two gingerbread men throwing crockery at her. Bombastus is doing battle with three other ginger bread men with a rolling pin. Truvius is be shoved into a oven by two other ginger bread men. The P.C.’s have to save the victims.

(2) Gingerbread Men (Crockery Throwing)
Throw crockery at the P.C.’s.
(3) Gingerbread Men (Knife Wielding)
Attack the P.C.’s with knives.
(2) Gingerbread Men (Bread Paddle Wielding)
Attack the P.C.’s with bread paddle.

If the P.C.’s dispatch the Gingerbread Men and capture Bombastus the tax collector Faladorri rewards them with 30 gold each. Poor Bombastus will be burnt at the sake for witchcraft. Faladorri is very happy and will now pursue the poor soon to be widowed Malitiria.

If the P.C.’s dispatch the Gingerbread Men and refuse to turn Bombastus over to tax collector Faladorri. After all Faladorri is not the sheriff. The P.C.’s will incur the wrath of Faladorri.

If the P.C.’s confront Faladorri about his poison note denies it. If the sheriff Valturvis is summon he will try place Faladorri under arrest for suspicion of murder. Sheriff Valturvis dismiss the charges of witch craft since he did not see the Gingerbread Men and he is opposed to burning people at the stake and especially the baker his wife’s brother.

If the P.C.’s question Truvius they learn the truth that his was misguided and rashly used baking magic with out understanding its danger. Good intention do not always bring good results. Bombastus and his wife easily for give Truvius after they discover that the Goddess Fornacalia gifted the bakery with the ever-full flour sack. The bakery is saved for now but Faladorri is now the bakers and now the P.C’s enemy.

Gingerbread Men (13)
Size: 1 foot tall.
Armor: Medium (due to flexibility)
Damage: Medium (due to being hot cookies)
Health: Medium (due to being Golems)

Human, Baker
Size: Rotund
Armor: Low
Damage: Low
Health: Low

Human, Baker’s apprentice
Size: Short
Armor: Low
Damage: Low
Health: Low

Human, Good wife
Size: Rotund
Armor: Low
Damage: Low
Health: Low

Human, Tax collector
Size: Tall
Armor: Low
Damage: Low (dagger and poison)
Health: Low

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