Thursday, March 12, 2009


OK, Everyone is doing it and so why can't I.

10. Berbalang - (FF) - These creepy fiends is into meditation and astral projection. It also engages in bizarre and complex courtship and mating rituals with other berbalangs.
9. Kampfult - (MMII) - These grumpy tree creatures are known as 'sinewy mugger' by their friends. They enjoy lurking in forest and dungeons and attacking many foes at once.
8. Drider - (MMII) - These creatures are a cross between a spider and a dark elf. They are pushed by the spider queen and are are bitter, fearsome and cruel. Plus they like bows and arrows. The arrows are coated with spider venom by the way.
7. Flump - (FF) - These little flying discs with protruding eyes and tiny tentacles are goodie two shoes. They are too cute or ugly to kill and have a habit of squirting foul smelling liquid.
6. Lurker Above - (MM) - These carnivorous creatures hang out in subterranean chambers aka dungeons. They pretend to be part of the ceiling and drop on a foe and smother them. They have many cousins like the Lurker Below, Lurker Beside and Lurker Beyond.
5. Peryton - (MM) - These creatures have the body of a eagle and the head of a buck deer. They like feeding on human hearts with they need for reproduction purposes. They also cast a shadow in the shape of a man.
4. Crypt Thing -(FF) - This urbane and sedentary skeletal undead guard tombs the world over and enjoy chatting with visitors briefly then teleporting them in random directions and distances.
3. Dire Corby -(FF) - These jet black subterranean bipedal avians enjoy chanting 'Doom! Doom! Doom!" They are fond of warring with giant bats as well.
2. Penanggalan - (FF) - These cunning undead look like living humans. They eat and sleep as well. But at night their heads fly off to feast upon the flesh of the unwary. Organs and tissues trail out of the neck as they fly about. They enjoy deceiving people and gaining their trust then revealing themselves.
1. Disenchanter - (FF) - These sneaky spindly dromedary-like animals have a long flexible snout which they enjoy draining enchantments from magic items. Plus they shimmer and their coats are electric blue and translucent too.

Totals: FF - 6, MM - 2, MMII - 2

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