Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blank Hex Map

I present a blank hex map. Feel free to use it it your own games. It is in a regional scale so it cam be any thing from 1 mile per hex to 25 miles per hex. It uses standard hex map icons: Mountains, Hills, Forest, Grassland and Swamp.

There are many campaign possibilities having a island chain between two larger land masses.
For example:
  • Pirates Kingdoms - Competing pirates preying on merchants ships traveling from the northern land to the southern. Pirate strongholds conducting pirate on pirate warfare.
  • Exile Dumping Grounds - For centuries the northern kingdom and southern kingdom have dumped their criminals, undesirables and anything dangerous on the island. The exiles now are conducting raids on their former homes. The have a grudge and the power to fulfill their revenge.
  • Races Living on Different Islands - The goblinoid races of orc, hobgoblin, goblin, bugbear have taken over the northern and southern land masses. The surviving good humanoid races live on isolated islands between the land masses. Halflings have a mercantile island, Dwarves have a strongholds defending their island and trade in stone and steel, Elves have magic glowing forests and sell enchanted items, Gnombs farm and fish and make ornaments, Humans formed a corsair society on their island serving one island or another raiding goblinoid ships .

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