Friday, June 5, 2009


This tool will allow you to generate terrain when the P.C. tromp about the wilderness. This is best used for hex crawls. Yes it is a bit random but it there is a method to the madness. Every thing is based on the old frequency encounter tables. Yes you could end up with two very different terrains next to each other. With a little imagination you can justify it or you can disregard a result. It is inspired by the Monster Manual II frequency tables. Just use the result to fill in a hex.

Roll 1d8 + 1d12
2. Very Rare
3. Very Rare
4 Very Rare or Rare
5. Rare
7. Uncommon
8. Uncommon
9. Common
10. Common
11. Common
12. Common
13. Common
14. Uncommon
15. Uncommon
16. Rare
17. Rare
18. Very Rare or Rare
19. Very Rare
20. Very Rare

Wandering Terrain Table
Roll 1d8 + 1d12
2. Glacier
3. Desert
4. Steppes
5. Canyons
6. Badlands
7. Dense Forest
8. Wooded Hills
9. Fields
10. Grassland
11. Hills
12. Lite Forest
13. Marshland
14. Mountains
15. Lake/River
16. Coastline
17. Mudflat
18. Geyser Field
19. Tar pits
20. Volcanic Lands

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