Friday, June 5, 2009


Shield of Sap
This shield is formed of freshly hewn wood. It functions as a +1 shield. If the command word 'SAP' is spoken the front of the shield starts producing sticky sap. All weapons striking the shield have a 25% of sticking to the shield. This is useful for disarming the attacker. The command word 'HARDEN' cause the sap to harden and can be chipped off the shield and the weapons can be freed from the surface.

Boots of the Mountain Goat
These sturdy dwarven style mountain boots allow the user to always find footing on a mountain slope. The wearer never slips while climbing. Also all movement is at the normal movement rate.
Mountain goats are attracted to the wearer of the boots. They will follow the wearer around and bleat at them
Cursed Boots of the Mountain Goat
These boots work as above but if they are worn for more than a day the wears feet turn into goat hooves. Also mountain goats attack the wearer on sight regardless if the wearer's feet have been transformed or not.

Sash of Usefulness
This silken sash can upon command transform into other objects.
1. Wool Blanket
2. 50 foot silk rope
3. Canvas Tent (2 person)
4. Large Sack
5. Towel (everyone needs one!)
6. Cloak with hood

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