Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I visited the today and was reminded of the sweet smoggy sirens call of "LANKHMAR - THE CITY OF A THOUSAND SMOKES"

I had the pleasure to run a game set in Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar setting many years ago. It was both a challenge and wondrous experience. The players and the setting became literally as thick as thieves. It was a challenge to create a game in the spirit of Leiber's world of NEHWON. I think I managed to capture some of the sophistication of the setting with a liberal dose of excitement. The game last almost five years off and on. The players battled Behmoth, Night Gaunts, White Rats, Marsh Leopards, and each other. Saddly all things must come to an end. Still to this day the old players have fond memories. I was just happy to invite them into the strange and wondrous "City of the Black Toga - Lankhmar"

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